French Citizenship By Marriage

Canadian citizens in a marriage or civil partnership with a French citizen can acquire French citizenship, provided they meet the full French Citizenship By Marriage requirements.

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    What is Citizenship By Marriage in France?

    Citizenship By Marriage in France is one of the many routes to becoming a French national (amongst naturalisation, birth, adoption and descent)

    For this immigration route, Canadians must prove they are in a genuine marriage or civil partnership with a French citizen.

    Once citizenship is granted to Canadian nationals, they exercise the same rights as all French nationals, including those born in France.

    This includes being able to work in France and travel to the Schengen area without a French Visa and having access to French social benefits.

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      Requirements for French Citizenship By Marriage

      As well as having a French spouse or civil partner, eligible candidates must:

      • Have lived in France for at least the last four years (or have a spouse of at least four years who is declared on the consular registry)
      • Have lived with their spouse materially and emotionally (‘community of life’)
      • Possess a clean criminal record (the spouse must also possess this)
      • Have declared their marriage to the French civil registry (marriages outside of France must be translated)
      • Possess a valid French residence permit (excludes EEA citizens and Swiss citizens)
      • Are proficient in the French language (minimum B1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, CERL)

      Applicants must also provide a set of supporting documents, which are:

      • One or more recent passport photos
      • Valid passport
      • Two signed copies of the declaration form
      • Criminal record certificate
      • Evidence of French spouse’s citizenship status
      • Proof of dissolution of any previous marriages
      • Valid marriage certificate (including translations if necessary)
      • Evidence of French language proficiency (French language test)
      • Proof of shared residence (e.g., utility bills with both spouse’s names)

      Step By Step Application Process for French Citizenship By Marriage

      To obtain French Citizenship By Marriage, Canadians must first gather the supporting documents they need to apply for French citizenship. Applicants must ensure they have the full list of documents and arrange an official translation of any documents not written in French.

      All documents, along with other information relating to this immigration route, must be submitted to French authorities. There is an electronic stamp fee of €55.

      Canadians living in France should contact their local immigration services to find out where to send the application. Residents of Canada must send their application to their local French Embassy or Consulate.

      Next, there is an assimilation interview, which is an opportunity for Canadian applicants to express their reasons for applying for French citizenship.

      At the end of the interview, if the immigration officer has no reason to believe the applicant should not acquire citizenship, they will ask the applicant to sign the ‘Charter of Rights and Duties of French Citizens’.

      This does not mean the application has been approved, but it does mean that French authorities will mark the application as ‘recevable’ (acceptable).

      Other applications will be marked ‘irrecevable’ (unacceptable) and will not progress any further.

      At this stage, candidates may be asked to provide additional information so that their application can be reconsidered.

      Applicants with ‘recevable’ applications will await a decision from the Sous-direction de l’acces a la nationalité francaise du ministere de l’interieur (SDANF).

      This tends to take up to 18 months. In some circumstances, Canadian nationals residing in Canada may receive an unexpected visit by the local police as part of this application.

      Successful applicants will be granted French citizenship and invited to a citizenship ceremony in France. At the ceremony, they must take an Oath of Allegiance to France before being awarded a Certificat de Nationalité Francaise.

      Finally, once they have acquired French nationality, new French citizens may apply for a French passport, which takes an average of 3 weeks.

      Unsuccessful applicants may appeal the decision (ideally with the help of an immigration lawyer, who will find out exactly why the application was rejected). Contact us at +1 844 290 6312 to learn more about French nationality appeals.

      What Happens During the French Citizenship By Marriage Interview?

      During the interview, applicants will be asked questions about their finances, understanding of French culture, and relationships. The interview takes place at a local immigration office for around 90 minutes.

      Interviewees will be asked about their life in France, which may include questions such as:

      • How often do you go back to Canada?
      • Why do you want to be a French citizen?
      • How have you integrated into French society?

      There will also be questions about French history from the Livret du Citoyen, as applicants are expected to know French culture. Possible examples include:

      • When was the French Revolution?
      • Name five prominent French figures
      • Name the current French President

      Language Tests for French Citizenship By Marriage

      All Canadian applicants must prove that they are proficient in the French language to be eligible for Citizenship By Marriage. During the citizenship interview, applicants will take a language exam comprised of speaking and listening activities.

      Individuals who already speak French do not have to sit this exam. However, to be exempt, they must submit evidence of their language skills in the form of one of the following documents:

      • Diploma from a CEFR or CECR authority, of at least level B1
      • Diploma from a French authority, of at least level V
      • Certificate demonstrating successful BULATs, TCF, DELF/DALF, TEF or DCL test
      • Degree certificate from a French university

      Test certificates must be photocopied and submitted with the other French Citizenship By Marriage supporting documents.

      In some cases, Canadian citizens may still be able to obtain citizenship in France despite not having the required language skills.

      If the applicant is currently learning French, they can submit a statement from their language school (known as an ‘attestation’) that serves as proof of French language integration.

      We can help clarify any issues that arise when you apply for French citizenship by marriage. Contact Us

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        Can I Get Dual Nationality With French Citizenship By Marriage?

        It is possible to keep Canadian citizenship and gain French citizenship simultaneously. This allows applicants to enjoy the perks of French society while still being a Canadian citizen.

        There is no specific process to follow to gain dual nationality. This will be discussed during the application process, and the French government will ensure Canadians do not have to give up their original passport if they do not want to.

        Appeals Process for French Citizenship By Marriage

        When the French authorities reject an application, the applicant will be told why they were unsuccessful. Sometimes, they can submit an appeal to contest the government’s decision.

        It is mandatory for all candidates submitting an appeal to be represented by a lawyer.

        Total Law immigration lawyers can help you assemble a strong appeal within six months of your application rejection. Ensure you get in touch quickly, as appeals submitted after six months will not be investigated.

        What are the Benefits of French Citizenship By Marriage?

        Obtaining French Citizenship By Marriage means Canadian-born individuals can access the same benefits as those born in France. There is no distinction between French citizens by marriage and French citizens by naturalisation when it comes to the rights they hold.

        Benefits include:

        • Visa-free travel to the Schengen area
        • Right to vote
        • Ability to secure French nationality for one’s children
        • Right to live and work in France without a visa
        • Right to run for office in France

        There is also added security about living permanently in France. When Canadian spouses secure citizenship, they do not have to worry about renewing visas to stay with their family in France.

        Avoiding Delays During the French Citizenship By Marriage Application Process

        Many applicants face delays for reasons outside of their control. For example, they may have applied at a busy time. In this case, there is not much the applicant can do to speed up their application.

        However, all applicants are encouraged to respond to any queries from the French authorities as quickly as possible, as this ensures the process runs smoothly. They should also clear their schedule to attend the interview as early as possible.

        The best way to avoid delays is to prepare the supporting documents before submitting the Citizenship By Marriage form. Working with an immigration solicitor helps with this, as they will inform you of all the documents you need.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        If you are a Canadian national hoping to secure French Citizenship By Marriage, contact us for expert advice and application guidance. Our team is qualified to support you through this process and deal with any potential stumbling blocks.

        When applicants choose to follow this process alone, there is a higher chance of application rejection. We can help you avoid this by working with you on gathering the right documents, submitting accurate details, and remaining in communication with French authorities to prevent delays.

        Call us on +1 844 290 6312 or message us online, to start your journey to French Citizenship By Marriage. Our friendly immigration lawyers would be delighted to take on your case.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Yes, if you have obtained French citizenship through marriage, you can apply for your name(s) to be francisised. This applies to first names and surnames. Some possible options are:

                  • Translating a name
                  • Flipping a name
                  • Replacing a name with a French name
                  • Adding a French name and keeping one’s original name

                  Name francisation can help Canadian immigrants with non-French names to feel a sense of belonging in France. However, it is certainly not obligatory.

                  To get French Citizenship By Marriage, you must submit all of the supporting documents listed in your application.

                  If you need help gathering the right forms, find an immigration solicitor knowledgeable about the marriage route to French nationality.

                  As well as obtaining French nationality by marriage, Canadians may be able to get citizenship through naturalisation (living in France for a certain period) or descent (having French parents or grandparents).