France Short-Stay Medical Visa

Those who need to travel to France for medical treatment need a visa for medical treatment in France. The visa application process can be complex and thorough. Those who apply for this visa need to ensure they have all the required documents to do so.

Preparing what is needed for this visa is absolutely critical, and therefore it can be very useful to have an expert immigration lawyer help you with your application to ensure that when you submit your application, it has as high a chance of success as possible. Here at Total Law, our legal team can help with this; just give us a call at +1 844 290 6312 or message us online today.

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    Short-Stay Visa In France

    The short-stay visa in France for medical treatment is the same type of visa that is used and applied for throughout the Schengen states. A Schengen Medical Treatment Visa enables the applicant to enter a Schengen country (such as France) to receive medical treatment in a medical institution in the area.

    These short-stay visas are the only ones offered for medical treatment throughout Europe; however, they do allow for up to 90 days in the country or Schengen area.

    However, if an applicant needs medical treatment in a Schengen hospital but is unsure of whether they need a visa, the duration of their stay should aid in the decision.

    Medical treatment conducted in under 90 days requires the Schengen Short-Stay visa; however, if the treatment is anticipated to take longer than 90 days, this visa is not valid. Instead, the applicant will need to apply for a French national visa for medical treatment, specifically in France.

    Those who are nationals of the Schengen area do not need to apply for a visa for medical treatment. This can also be said for those who have been exempted from visa requirements for the Schengen area.

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      Requirements Of The France Short-Stay Medical Visa

      The France Short-Stay Medical Visa, which is also known as a Schengen Visa, is valid for 90 days over a 180-day period. This visa takes into account the specifics of a patient’s case, which means that a tourist visa is not able to function as a substitute option.

      The primary requirements of this visa are that there is sufficient documented evidence from medical practitioners in the applicant’s country of residence and from medical practitioners who will be providing the treatment that this journey and treatment are necessary.

      This will include official confirmation provided by the French medical institution, evidence of correspondence between the applicant’s doctor and the receiving doctor, and more.

      Find the documentation required for this application below.

      Eligibility Criteria For A France Medical Visa

      A patient applying for a France short-stay visa for medical treatment is only eligible if they provide supporting documentation that clearly demonstrates this. This includes information from the relevant medical practitioners and evidence as to why the individual cannot be treated in their home country.

      All relevant documentation to support the application must be provided in the application, including evidence from the medical practitioner in the applicant’s home country, information regarding the applicant’s health condition, and documents verifying the treatment from the receiving medical treatment practitioner in France.

      Additionally, documentation regarding financial means and/or coverage for the procedure and time in France should also be provided. This should all be provided along with the standard necessary documents to be provided for short-stay France visas.

      Documents Needed For A France Medical Visa Application


      Applicants for this visa need to submit all of the basic documents required for a short-stay visa, as well as documentation that is specific to the medical situation. Note that this documentation is handled with total confidentiality in these situations.

      Those who apply for this visa will need to provide the following documentation:

      Basic Documentation

      • Proof of accommodation in France
      • Proof of repatriation insurance and travel insurance
      • Documents that prove the individual has enough personal finances to cover the necessary daily expenses while they are in the country
      • (If needed) Documentation for minors may be needed, such as a birth certificate or parental authorization, should the minor be travelling without their parents
      • Visa application form
      • Two photographs, no older than 3 months, and to the standard of Schengen visa photo requirements
      • A copy of the applicant’s passport data page
      • Documented proof of civil status, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, etc. (if required)
      • Proof of the fee paid for the visa application
      • Proof of employment status (if required)

      Medical Treatment-Specific Documents

      • Confirmation written from the healthcare facility in France that is going to be admitting the patient, with dates of the admission and the duration of the planned hospital stay. An estimate of the cost of care should also be included.
      • A letter from a credible and trustworthy health insurance organization This is required in the event of a reciprocal social security agreement between France and the individual home country and should state prior approval by this company in the home country to cover the cost of care. Alternatively, proof should be provided that medical fees have been paid in advance.
      • Should it be applicable to the situation, proof of registration for the national organ and cornea transplant list should be provided by the medical or surgical team that is performing the transplant.
      • A letter from the medical practice in the applicant’s home country stating the need for medical treatment in the Schengen country.

      Persons Accompanying The Patient

      Should an individual be accompanying the individual who is traveling for health or medical care, additional documentation for this will be required. Such as:

      • Documents that can prove a family member’s relationship with the patient. However, if the accompanying party is not a family member, a letter from the visa applicant justifies the additional person’s reason for attending.
      • Documents that prove that any costs related to the applicant will be covered by the organization that is covering the medical costs of the patient.

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        Processing Time and Fees For A France Medical Visa

        Responses to visa applications for medical treatment are typically received within two to ten days. However, in the event of extraordinary cases or a medical emergency, it is possible that the competent relevant French consulate can expedite the processing of the application.

        The fees incurred for a visa application for a short-stay visa are incurred in two ways:

        • The administrative costs that come from the application processing This amount is non-refundable, even if the visa is refused.
        • Should application fees be collected by an external service provider, the provider is responsible for collecting the fees; these fees can differ but should never exceed €40 per application.

        A standard Schengen visa fee is $80; however, children from 6 to 12 only pay a fee of €40, and children under 6 are exempt from charges.

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        How To Apply For A France Short-Stay Medical Visa

        Before applying, applicants should first check that they need to apply for this visa. If the treatment is due to take more than 90 days, the applicant cannot apply for this visa; instead, they should apply for a French national visa for medical treatment.

        Once the applicant has confirmed they need to apply, they must then apply for their visa at their local French embassy or consulate. This requires the applicant to book an appointment at the embassy or consulate.

        Appointments can often be booked online, and it is essential to attend this appointment in person unless the applicant’s medical condition prevents them from doing so.

        With the relevant appointment booked, the applicant must gather all of the documentation that is required and submit it in person at the French consulate or embassy to which they are applying. This includes:

        • The required documents for a Schengen visa
        • A letter from the doctor or medical institution in the applicant’s home country stating that medical treatment is required in France
        • An official document of acceptance from the medical institution in France confirming they can provide the needed medical treatment
        • Proof of accommodation in the French medical institution
        • Proof that the applicant has/can pay for the medical treatment
        • Documented proof that the patient will be able to cope with any additional medical fees that could be incurred
        • Proof that there has been correspondence between the applicant’s doctor in their home country and the doctor in France

        The application must then be submitted at the appointment, and on this same day, the applicant will need to attend an interview.

        Once all documentation has been submitted, the relevant fee for the visa has been paid, and the interview has been attended, the applicant will need to wait for the visa to be processed. The applicant could be waiting for up to 15 days for the visa to be processed.

        However, depending on the health condition of the applicant, the visa could be processed sooner than this.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        Obtaining a medical treatment visa can be critical for some, while certain health conditions can be treated most appropriately overseas. However, a lot of critical documentation is required for these visas to ensure that the applicant does need treatment in the receiving country.

        Those who are due to undergo medical treatment in France will need to apply for a short-term visa for medical treatment. The process for this application is most complex with the required documents, and here at Total Law, we can help.

        Our legal team can help you collect all the documentation necessary for a successful application. Just give us a call today at +1 844 290 6312 or message us online to get assistance with your visa application.

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