Digital Nomad Visa France

Every year, many Canadian citizens look to relocate to France and work as a digital nomad. However, they will need to apply for a digital nomad visa. It is vital to understanding the visa application process and documentation requirements. Here is the essential information on how to apply for a French Visa.

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    Can You Work As A Digital Nomad In France As a Canadian?

    France does not currently have a specific digital nomad visa. However, as a Canadian, you can still work in France remotely by applying for other visas. The most common type is the long-stay visa. It is suitable for those who wish to legally reside and work in France for up to 12 months.

    Another suitable visa for digital nomads is the short stay visa, a good option for those exploring workation opportunities in France. It allows Canadian citizens to stay in France and other Shengen countries for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

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      France Digital Nomad Visa Options

      • Long Stay Visa (Profession Liberale Visa): Designed for non-EU citizens and are self-employed. It allows for longer stays in France of up to one year.
      • Short Stay Visa (or Schengen Visa): Allows Canadians to stay in France for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. It is a good option for short-term stays.
      • Working Holiday Visa (WHV): Allows Canadians to work in France for up to 12 months and can be extended for another 12 months.
      • France Entrepreneur Professional Visa: Allows self-employed or independent professionals to live and work in France for up to one year.
      • EU Blue Card Visa: Allows highly qualified non-EU citizens with a university degree or at least five-years of professional experience to live and work in France.

      Benefits of Digital Nomad Visas for Canadians

      For Canadians seeking to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle in France, utilizing a digital nomad visa offers several advantages:

      1. Extended Stay: Facilitates longer stays in France, from several months to a year.
      2. Legal Work Authorization: Grants permission to engage in remote work activities.
      3. Tax Clarity: Visas suitable for remote workers provide clear guidelines and regulations regarding taxation. This transparency helps them understand their tax obligations.
      4. Access to Public Services: Depending on the type of French visa, digital nomads may be eligible for access to public services such as healthcare and social security.

      Purpose of Digital Nomad Visas

      A Digital Nomad Visa, also known as a French freelance visa, is designed to facilitate the temporary stay and remote work of those who use technology to earn a living independently of a specific location.

      Typically, they cater to self-employed, freelancers, and remote workers who do not work at a physical office or for an employer.

      Other Requirements for Working Remotely

      In addition to obtaining the appropriate visa, it’s important to note that working remotely from France requires compliance with local tax regulations. As a Canadian citizen working abroad, it is essential to understand any tax obligations both in Canada and in France.

      We recommend consulting with French visa and immigration specialists like Total Law to help determine the most suitable visa option and ensure a smooth application process.

      How To Work In France As a Digital Nomad: General Requirements

      To work as a digital nomad in France, you must meet several key requirements. Here’s an overview of what you need to know:

      Eligibility Criteria

      To be eligible for a France digital nomad visa, you need to prove that you are indeed planning to work as a digital nomad while residing in France. Such as, demonstrating that the money you earn comes from remote work or freelance activities. You must also:

      • Be a non-EU citizen
      • Be self-employed or an independent professional
      • Have a viable business plan that outlines your activities in France
      • Have sufficient financial means to support yourself and your family
      • Have a good command of the French language

      Necessary Documentation

      When applying for a France digital nomad visa, you will also need to provide some documentation. Which includes a valid passport, and evidence of your professional activity as a remote worker.

      In addition, you may be required to submit contracts or invoices from clients, bank statements showing income deposits, or tax returns showcasing your remote work earnings.

      To apply for the Profession Liberale Visa, you will need:

      • A valid passport
      • Two recent passport-sized photographs
      • Signed visa application form (VLS-TS) marked “Entrepreneur/independent professional”
      • Proof of your professional qualifications and experience
      • Detailed business plan outlining what you plan to do in France
      • Proof of financial means to support yourself and your family
      • Evidence of a valid health insurance coverage
      • Certificate of a clean criminal record from Canada.

      Specific Qualifications or Skills

      While there are no specific skills or qualifications required for obtaining a France Digital Nomad Visa. You must demonstrate that you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family members while working in the country.

      Typically, this may involve you showing evidence that you are meeting certain income requirements set by the French government.

      Supporting Documents Format

      When applying for a visa to stay and work in France, it’s vital to ensure that all the documents you submit are in the correct format.

      If any documents are required to be in French, you need to ensure that they are translated. You must also ensure that the documents are certified. This ensures your application is complete and accurate, and can help to increase your chances of being approved.

      The Application Process For Working In France As A Digital Nomad

      Here is a comprehensive guide to applying for a French digital nomad visa, including the step-by-step process, application form details, and processing time considerations:

      Step-by-Step Application Process

      1. Gather Required Documents: Assemble the documents, including a valid passport, recent passport-sized photographs, a visa application form, proof of qualifications or experience, a business plan, proof of financial means, evidence of health insurance coverage, and a clean criminal record certificate.
      2. Complete Online Application Form: Go to the French visa application website ( and create an account.
      3. Select the “Profession Liberale” visa option.
      4. Upload Supporting Documents: Attach the required documents and ensure they are clear, legible, and in the specified formats.
      5. Pay Visa Application Fee: For Canadian citizens, the application fee is $188.95.
      6. Schedule Visa Appointment: Once your application is submitted, you may need to schedule an interview at your nearest French consulate or embassy.
      7. Attend Visa Interview: Take all the original documents and your visa application confirmation to the interview. Typically, they will ask questions about your background, business plan, and financial means.

      Processing Time

      The processing time for Digital Nomad Visa applications can vary depending on the type of visa you apply for, the workload of the French consulate, and the complexity of your application. Or due to additional security checks.

      On average, it can take two to three weeks for Long Stay Visa applications to be processed. However, during peak travel seasons, it might take longer. It is always advisable to apply well in advance of your intended travel date.

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        France Digital Nomad To Long-Term Residencies Routers

        To obtain more long-term permanent residency in France. It can involve a series of steps, particularly for Canadian citizens who can apply for permanent residence permits or extended Long Stay Visas.

        They provide opportunities for digital nomads to establish a more stable residence and enjoy the benefits of living in France for longer.
        Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating the process:

        Eligibility Requirements

        To be eligible for long-term permanent residence permit in France, you must generally meet the following criteria:

        1. Residency Duration: Have legally resided in France for at least five years under a valid Long Stay Visa, such as the Profession Liberale Visa or Talent Passport.
        2. Integration: Demonstrate integration into French society, and learn the language.
        3. Financial Stability: Applicants must possess the financial means to support themselves and dependents without relying on the French office for public assistance.
        4. Clean Criminal Record: Maintain a clean criminal record.
        5. Tax Compliance: Comply with all French tax treaty laws.

        Application Process

        The application process for long-term permanent residency typically involves:

        1. Gathering The Documents Required.
        2. Completing An Online Application Form.
        3. Schedule An Interview Appointment

        Additional Considerations

        As a Canadian citizen, you may also need to consider the following:

        1. Dual Citizenship: Canada allows dual citizenship, so obtaining a French permanent residence permit does not require you to renounce your Canadian citizenship.
        2. Tax Implications: Consult with a tax advisor to understand your tax obligations.
        3. Healthcare: Enrol in the French healthcare system to access medical coverage.
        4. Legal Assistance: Consider seeking guidance from an immigration attorney or consultant specializing in French immigration matters, such as Total Law.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        If you require help processing your Digital Nomad Visa application, it is recommended that you contact immigration specialists. Our expert team has a deep understanding of the French visa and immigration system, and particular expertise in helping Canadian citizens.

        We are passionate about helping Canadian citizens enter and work in France legally. If you want to apply, we can help you through immigration services that include:

        • Evaluating your eligibility for digital nomad visas
        • Assisting in compiling necessary evidence and documents
        • Completing and submitting application forms
        • Providing regular updates on the status of an application
        • Acting as intermediaries with French immigration authorities

        Contact us at +1 844 290 6312. You can also email or discuss with us via live chat online.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  The dedicated Digital Nomad Visa allows individuals to live and work in France while being employed by a company or working as a freelancer. It provides flexibility for remote workers to enjoy the French lifestyle while maintaining their professional activities.

                  The average cost of a Digital Nomad Visa is €127 (approximately $188.95). This visa fee covers the application and administrative expenses associated with obtaining the visa. It is important to note that additional costs may apply, such as health insurance, translation, and courier fees.

                  A digital nomad visa is for those who wish to live and work remotely in France. It allows them to engage in professional activities during their stay. Tourist visas typically limit stays to shorter durations and do not grant permission for work-related activities.

                  The Digital Nomad Visa is open to many countries around the world who meet specific criteria. Generally, applicants should have proof of employment or freelance work that enables them to sustain their lifestyle during their stay in France. They must also demonstrate sufficient financial means and possess valid travel documents.

                  Yes, you can take your family to France and work remotely, but the specific visa options and requirements will depend on the circumstances of your family members. If you have a valid long-stay visa, your spouse and children may be eligible for a family reunification visa. This visa allows them to join you in France and reside legally. If your family members do not plan to work, they can obtain a visitor visa. Which typically allows them to stay for up to three months.

                  Yes, remote workers can work in France on the Blue Card visa. It allows highly qualified non-EU citizens to live and work in France. But to be eligible, you must have the following:

                  • University degree or equivalent qualifications
                  • Job offer with a salary of at least €56,442 per year
                  • Clean criminal record
                  • Valid health insurance
                  • Be able to support yourself financially