Global Talent Visa UK

If you are a Pakistani leader, potential leader, or promising talent in science and technology, research, arts, or academia, you can apply for a UK Global Talent visa.

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    UK Global Talent Visa: Overview

    The Global Talent visa UK from Pakistan permits overseas nationals to live, work, study or set up a business if they prove they are talented, leaders or hold promise of leadership in their field. When applying for the visa, the fields considered are digital technology, humanities, engineering, academia or research and arts and culture.

    One of the advantages of this visa is that applicants do not need a job offer or a sponsor to apply. There is also no restriction on the work you can do in your field. After 3 years on a Global Talent visa, you can settle permanently in the UK if you are talented or a leader. If you are a potential leader or promising talent, you can settle permanently in the UK after 5 years.

    The Global Talent visa requirements are less stringent than the Skilled Worker visas. There are no minimum salary requirements or need to show English language proficiency, and you can study if you meet the ATAS requirements. You can also apply within or outside the UK, and your dependents can accompany you to the UK.

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    Eligible for the Global Talent Route UK

    Pakistani citizens who want to apply for the Global Talent visa must meet the eligibility requirements below:


    You must prove you are at least 18 years old.


    The Home Office recognises 5 endorsing bodies. You have to prove your eligibility for this visa by getting an endorsement by any of the 5 endorsing bodies. Below are the bodies:

    • The Royal Academy of Engineering
    • Royal Society
    • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
    • The British Academy
    • Arts Council England

    Note that each of these bodies has criteria you must meet before getting their endorsement. You must prove that you have contributed significantly to their field or have the potential or talent to be a leader.

    Prestigious Award

    Pakistani citizens can apply for the Global Talent visa without an endorsement. However, you’ll need to prove that you have been awarded a prestigious prize in your area of expertise. Below are some of the awarding bodies and prizes recognised by the Home Office:

    Architecture Prizes

    • Royal Gold Medal awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects
    • Pritzker Prize awarded by the Hyatt Foundation

    Arts and Culture Prizes

    • Booker Prize awarded by the Booker Prizes
    • Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize awarded by JP Morgan Chase
    • Queen Elizabeth Prize awarded by the Queen Elisabeth Competition

    Digital Technology Prizes

    • ACM Prize in Computing awarded by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
    • Turing Award by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

    Fashion and Design Industry Prizes

    • Fashion Award by the The Fashion Awards- British Fashion Council

    TV and Film Prizes

    • Academy Awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    • BAFTA Awards by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts
    • Golden Globe Awards by Hollywood Foreign Press Association

    Science, Engineering, Social Science, Humanities and Medicine Prizes

    • Nobel Prizes awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
    • Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering by the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Foundation
    • Isaac Newton Medal and Award by the Institute of Physics

    The awards and prizes listed here are not exhaustive. You can find more by visiting the Home Office web page, where the Global Talent Prizes are listed.

    Before You Apply for a Visa

    Before applying for a visa, you need to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements, gather your supporting documents, and obtain an endorsement from an eligible body.

    If you have been awarded any eligible prize, you can bypass getting the endorsement and applying for the visa. It is imperative to start the visa application process early to avoid delays.

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    How to Apply for Global Talent Visa

    See how to apply for Global Talent visa UK below:

    Step 1: Get an Endorsement or Show You Have Won an Award

    The first step is to get an endorsement from an eligible body. Upon getting an endorsement, you have 3 months to apply for a visa, or the endorsement will expire. If you have won an award, you can go to the next step.

    Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

    Ensure that you have the documents needed for your application. This includes the result of your tuberculosis test from the Home Office-approved clinic.

    Step 3: Pay the Visa Application Fees

    The fees include the visa fee, health surcharge fee and the fees for your dependents if they are joining you to the UK.

    Step 4: Apply Online

    You can make your application online. Complete the information required properly. Ensure the details on your supporting documents match the details on your online application. After applying online, you can upload your documents on the platform or take them to the visa application centre.

    Step 5: Schedule Biometric Capture

    The last step is to schedule an appointment with the visa application centre nearest to you. The officials at the centre will take your photo and fingerprints. You may need to submit your passport and other documents at the application centre. They will return them to you after the Home Office decides on your application.

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      Healthcare Surcharge

      You must pay the healthcare surcharge when applying for the Global Talent visa. You’ll need to pay this fee for everyone applying to move to the UK with you. This fee is £624 per person for one year. You’ll need to pay this fee for the duration of your stay in the UK.

      Apply From Outside the UK

      To apply for a global talent visa from outside the UK, Pakistani citizens will need to prove their identity in addition to meeting the visa requirements. This can be done by visiting a visa application centre. This is necessary because the details you submit will be used to issue you a biometric residence permit when you enter the UK.

      If You're Applying for an Endorsement

      When applying for an endorsement, you’ll need to go through any of the routes below:

      Endorsement by Funding

      Pakistani citizens who have grants from a UK funder to conduct research in the UK can apply for endorsement via this pathway. The UKRI fast-tracks applications in this route.

      Endorsement by Appointment

      If you have an offer to work as a professor, associate professor, reader or senior group leader in an eligible higher or research institution in the UK, you can apply for endorsement. Endorsement in this route usually comes from the Royal Society, the British Academy, and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

      Endorsement by Peer Review

      If you have outstanding peer-reviewed research, you can apply for endorsement to the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering or the British Academy.

      Endorsement Due to Fellowship

      You can apply for endorsement if you have been accepted as a fellow into the Royal Academy, the Royal Society or the British Academy. If your fellowship with these societies ended within the past 1 year, you can also apply for endorsement.

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        Global Talent Visa UK Requirements

        If you are applying for a Global visa, you’ll need to meet at least one requirement in any of the categories below:

        Research and Academia

        • Hold fellowship with a recognised institution in the UK
        • Receive a peer-reviewed endorsement
        • Hold an offer from a higher academic or research institution in the UK to work as a researcher or academic
        • Receive a grant to carry out UKRI-approved research in a UKRI-approved institution

        Arts and Culture

        • Worked for at least 5 years and produced exceptional work recognised by the Arts Council England
        • Show that your work has gained recognition in more than one country
        • Show 3 recommendation letters from eligible societies


        • Present evidence of internationally recognised works
        • The Royal Institution of British Architects (RIBA) must see your work as exceptional

        Fashion and Design

        • Show proof that you’re known as a leading figure, with other leading figures recognising your work
        • Show proof that your works have been sold and exhibited internationally
        • Show evidence of media sponsorship or recognition

        TV and Film

        • Show that you have won a prestigious award or been nominated for one in the last 10 years
        • Show that the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT) considers you an exceptional talent

        Digital Technology

        • Show evidence you have founded, invested or held a senior role in a tech company
        • Show proof that you were part of a team that created an innovative digital product

        Supporting Documents for Global Talent Visa

        When applying for the Global Talent visa, you’ll need to present the following documents:

        • Pakistani passport
        • Tuberculosis test result
        • Permission from the government or agency that granted you a scholarship in the past 1 year
        • Receipt of payment of the visa fee
        • Receipt of payment of the healthcare surcharge fee
        • Letter of endorsement from an endorsement
        • Recommendation letters from globally recognised experts or leaders in your field

        How Much is the Global Talent Visa Application Fee?

        You’ll pay £716 for the Global Talent visa:

        • £524 when applying for the endorsement
        • £192 when applying for the visa

        If you are applying because of an award, you’ll pay £716. If you are applying with your family, each member will pay £716.

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          Global Talent Visa Processing Times

          After you have attended your appointment, you’ll need to wait 3 weeks to get a decision from the Home Office.

          How Long Does the Global Talent Visa Last?

          There is no specific limit on the total time you can spend in the UK. However, with the Global Talent visa, you can live in the UK for up to 5 years at once.

          Can You Extend the Global Talent Visa?

          You can extend the Global Talent visa. The extension can be 1 to 5 years. You can also choose how long you want the visa extended.

          Does the Global Talent Visa Lead to Settlement?

          The Global Talent visa leads to settlement. If you are a leader or talented in your field, you can settle in the UK after 3 years. If you are a potential leader or a promising talent, you can settle in the UK after 5 years.

          How Can Total Law Help?

          Our immigration consultants at Total Law are experts in UK immigration and can help with your visa application. Like many UK visas, the Global Talent visa application requires careful application and detailed documentation. Any errors or oversights can lead to a visa refusal. To avoid this, it is better to enlist the services of an immigration expert to guide you on the application.

          At Total Law, we can help you gather your supporting documents, assess your eligibility and then apply for the visa on your behalf. We have assisted other Pakistani citizens in applying for this visa and can help you, too.

          If you need more information about this visa, another type of UK visa or our services, contact us by calling +44 (0)333 305 9375 or sending us a message online.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    The Global Talent visa application can be rejected if the endorsing body does not approve your application. It can also be rejected if there are errors in your application or if you cannot reconcile the discrepancies in your document and your application form even after the Home Office allows you to do so.

                    You can work part-time or freelance with the Global Talent visa. Unlike the Skilled Worker visa, the Global Talent visa allows you the flexibility to be self-employed and take up multiple freelance roles.