UK Charity Work Visa from Pakistan

Pakistani citizens who wish to do unpaid voluntary work in the UK must meet the criteria and apply for a Charity Work visa UK from Pakistan.

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    Charity Worker Visa Overview

    The Charity Worker visa is a Temporary Work visa that permits you to do unpaid voluntary work in the UK. Pakistanis who want to volunteer in the UK must apply for this visa from their country.

    The maximum time you can spend on a Charity Worker visa is 12 months, or the time approved by your prospective employer with an extra 14 days. Like other work visas in the UK, Pakistani citizens looking to apply for this visa must be sponsored by a registered UK charity. Your employer must assign you a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) before you can apply for the visa. The work you’re coming to do in the UK has to be related to the work of your UK employer.

    Though the Charity Worker visa can be extended, the total time you can spend on the visa is 1 year. While holding the visa, you can study in the UK, although you may need to get an ATAS certificate. The course you are studying must not have a duration longer than the time approved on your visa. You can also take up a second job without being sponsored, but it must be in the volunteer or charity sector. You can only work 20 hours per week in your second job. Pakistani citizens can apply for the Charity Worker visa UK with their family members if they meet the visa requirements.

    There are limitations to what you can do on a Charity Worker visa as a Pakistani citizen. You must know that you cannot be paid for any work you do in the UK. You cannot take up any permanent job. Lastly, Pakistani citizens cannot access public benefits on the Charity Worker visa.

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    Eligibility Criteria for Charity Work Visa UK

    Pakistani citizens who want to do unpaid voluntary work must meet the UK Charity Worker visa requirements. Here are the requirements below:

    Certificate of Sponsorship

    If you want to work in the UK as a volunteer for a registered charity, you must first be sponsored by your UK employer. The UK employer in question must be a valid sponsor. It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that your role meets the requirements for issuing a work visa; otherwise, your visa application will be rejected.

    You’ll need your sponsor’s unique reference number when applying for a Charity Worker visa. This number is what is referred to as a certificate of sponsorship. It has all the information about your details and the job you will do in the UK. It will also specify your role and how long you are required to work each week. You need to use the CoS assigned to you by your employer within 3 months, or else it will expire.

    Financial Requirement

    Pakistani citizens applying for the Charity Work visa UK must show they have enough funds to support themselves in the UK. The Home Office requires you to show that you have at least £1,270 sitting in your account for a consecutive 28 days. The last day must fall within the 31 days of making a visa application.

    The amount you have to show will increase if you intend to travel to the UK with your partner and children. If you are travelling with your partner, you must show an extra £285. If you include one child in the application, you’ll need another £315. To add other children, you must show £200 for each child.

    You are exempted from fulfilling this requirement if your employer agrees to cover your living costs when you arrive in the UK. Your employer will need to fill out the part of the certificate of sponsorship that reads, “sponsor certifies maintenance”, right below the additional data category.

    Age Requirements

    If you want to apply for a UK Charity Work visa from Pakistan, you must be at least 18.

    Job Suitability

    Since you are coming to the UK to volunteer, your job description must match that purpose. You cannot get a Charity Worker visa to the UK to do a job that would typically be salaried or waged, even if the job is done for a Charity business. Therefore, if your role is in management, administration, maintenance, retail or fund-raising, you’re not eligible for a Charity Worker visa. You’ll need to apply for another type of work visa.

    Previously on a Charity Visa

    If you were in the UK within the past 1 year on a Charity or Religious Worker visa, you are not eligible for another Charity visa. The only exception is if you worked for the same company in another country.

    Documents Required for Charity Worker Visa UK

    Pakistani citizens must present the following documents to show they meet the requirements for Charity Worker Visa UK:

    • Unique reference number of your certificate of sponsorship.
    • Pakistani passport to prove your nationality and identity. Your passport must have been issued in the last 10 years. Your passport must have at least 1 empty page where your visa will be attached.
    • Bank statement that shows you have enough money to pay for your living expenses in the UK.
    • Marriage and birth certificates proving your relationship with your family members.
    • Tuberculosis test result. This test must be done in Pakistan by a UK-approved clinic.
    • Receipt of visa application fee payment.
    • Police character certificate from Pakistan.
    • Resume outlining your experience in volunteering.

    You’ll have to present certified translations if your documents are not in English.

    Sponsorship for Charity Work Visa UK

    Like other UK work visas, applying for a Charity Worker visa requires you to have a valid sponsor. Your sponsor must be a charitable business duly registered in the UK. They must be approved by the Home Office and have an “A” licence rating. To prove that a duly registered employer is sponsoring you, you’ll need to get a certificate of sponsorship. This unique reference number contains all your details and information about your job, including how long you’ll work for the employer.

    Your employer is responsible for ensuring your role meets the requirements for employing overseas volunteers in the UK. You are allowed to volunteer or work for another employer in the UK. However, you can only work in your second job for 20 hours a week. Lastly, your employer is expected to monitor you while working for them. This is to make sure you are carrying out your role effectively. Note that if your employer reports you to the Home Office for being absent for a long time from duty without permission, the Home Office may revoke your visa, and you’ll be forced out of the UK. This will affect your chances of getting another visa to visit the UK.

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      How to Apply for a UK Charity Worker Visa?

      If you meet the UK Charity Work visa requirements, you can take the following step-by-step guide to apply for your visa:

      Step 1: Confirm You Meet the Eligibility Requirements

      When making the UK Charity Work visa application, the first step is to confirm that you meet the requirements. One of the significant requirements is obtaining a certificate of sponsorship from a registered UK employer.

      Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

      Upon obtaining the CoS, you need to prepare other documents you need for your application. Translate and certify your documents. If you need to apply to obtain certain documents, like the Police character certificate, it is essential to start the process early so you are not delayed when you need them.

      Step 3: Pay the Associated Fee

      Ensure you pay the required fees for you and your family. Get receipts, as you’ll add them to your supporting documents.

      Step 4: Apply Online

      The UK Charity Work visa application is done online. Visit the Home Office website and complete the application form. When you fill in the required information, scan and upload your supporting documents appropriately.

      Step 5: Schedule an Appointment

      If you want to apply for a UK visa, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with the VFS Global application centre. There are centres in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Mirpur. You can choose any location closest to you. Print out the confirmation page when you make your application, as that will be your pass.

      Step 6: Attend Your Appointment

      On the scheduled date, attend your visa appointment. At the centre, the officials will collect your fingerprints and photos. The application centre may also charge you additional processing fees. You may also need to drop your passport at the centre.

      On rare occasions, you may need to attend a visa interview if the Home Office needs further information to make a decision.

      Processing Time for Charity Worker Visa UK

      It takes the Home Office 3 weeks to process your application. The processing time could take longer if the Home Office tries to get more information about you. To ensure you get into the UK on time, you can apply for a Charity Worker visa 3 months before your work resumption date in the UK. This should give the Home Office ample time to process your application.

      Decision Making

      Certain factors determine the outcome of your application. In this case, the foremost factor is your employer. The Home Office must certify that your employer has a valid sponsor licence. The employer must also be verified as having a duly registered charitable business. They’ll also need to confirm if the company truly needs the services of an overseas volunteer.

      The next factor is your personal circumstance. The Home Office must ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the visa and have correct documentation to prove such. There are 3 types of responses you’ll usually get from the Home Office after submitting your application. It could be an approval, a refusal or a request for more information. If they ask for more info, they give you a time frame to respond. If you get a denial, you can appeal the decision or reapply when you feel better qualified. The Home Office will always tell you why your application was refused. You should only plan to travel to the UK if you get visa approval.

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        Application Costs for Charity Work Visa UK

        Pakistani citizens applying for the Charity Worker visa must pay £298. You’ll also need to pay the health surcharge, which is £624 per annum.

        You may incur other costs when trying to apply for the visa. You may be required to pay a fee for the issuance of a Police character certificate in Pakistan. You may also be charged for translation and certification of your documents. Lastly, you’ll pay the application centre, where your biometrics will be captured.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  You can extend your Charity Worker visa as a Pakistani citizen in the UK. However, the extension must be within 12 months, as you cannot spend more than 12 months in the UK while holding a Charity Worker visa.

                  There are no language requirements for a Charity Worker visa in the UK for Pakistani applicants. Your employer, however, may need you to meet language requirements to issue a certificate of sponsorship to you. They may want you to have adequate knowledge of the English language if it is necessary to carry out any volunteer role for them in the UK.

                  You can volunteer for a charity organisation in the UK on a Charity Worker visa. You need to meet the requirements for the role, get CoS from the employer and then apply for a visa.