Family Visitor Visa UK from Pakistan

Pakistanis and other foreign nationals can spend up to six months visiting their family in the UK with a family visitor visa. This visa falls under the UK standard visitor visa category and is ideal for citizens of Pakistan who plan to visit the UK for a maximum of six months at one visit.

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    Overview of the Family Visitor Visa UK

    If you and your UK-residing family member fulfil the qualifying conditions, you can visit them and stay for six months. You must prove that the person you want to see is a relative or an unmarried partner. For example, you may visit your child or spouse who lives in the UK.

    If you intend to visit your family in the UK multiple times, you may apply for a long-term standard visitor visa, which can be obtained for two, five, or ten years. During the validity of the visa, Pakistanis and other eligible nationals are permitted entry to remain in the UK for a maximum of six months at a time.

    You can take an exam, have a medical checkup, enrol in a recreational course, travel to the UK for tourism, or spend time with your family members when you have a UK family visitor visa. But you cannot get public benefits or work (paid or unpaid).

    Consider a different visa if you want to marry in the UK. For example, if you want me to register a civil partnership, you can seek a marriage visitor visa. Otherwise, it would be best if you got a fiancé visa.

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    UK Family Visitor Visa Eligibility Requirements

    If you are a Pakistani who wants to visit a family member in the UK, you must meet the visa eligibility requirements for a UK family visitor visa. The requirements are as follows:

    1. Your passport, which includes blank pages, should show the validity of your stay.
    2. Proof that you have enough financial resources for you and your dependants throughout your stay in the UK or evidence that you are being supported financially.
    3. Evidence that you will return to Pakistan or leave the UK at the end of your visit and when your visa expires. In that case, you must prove that your return ticket will be paid for or already paid for.
    4. Evidence of authentic relationship with the person you wish to see in the UK. The person should also have valid permission to be in the UK.
    5. Your required documents should be written in English or provide translation if written in another language.

    UK Family Visit Visa Required Documents and Information

    You must submit the following required documents to apply for a UK family visitor visa from Pakistan.

    • Provide the name, phone number, passport number, email and resident address of your family member in the UK you wish to visit.
    • Provide criminal record details or other offences if you have committed any.
    • Provide the financial statement if you are sponsoring yourself, such as a bank statement.
    • Your Pakistani passport.
    • You will need to show your travel history and the date you wish to travel to the UK.
    • Your address in Pakistan
    • Names of your parents and their dates of birth
    • Your return travel ticket
    • Medical proof of a tuberculosis test if you apply for a long-term standard visitor visa.

    Note: Your biometric details, which include your passport photograph, will be provided by VFS to UKVI.

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    If someone is sponsoring your trip to the UK, they must meet the sponsor requirements:

    • Information and proof of the kind of support they want to render. For example, a return ticket or accommodation and bank statements.
    • The British passport of your sponsor or their proof of residence permit showing that they are legal residents of the UK.
    • To prove your connection with your sponsor, your sponsor must show:
      • Government-issued marriage certificate if your sponsor is your spouse
      • Medical certificate to confirm your relationship with your sponsor if biologically related
      • Birth certificate or Adoption papers of your child if the sponsor is your child
      • Your birth certificate or adoption papers if the sponsor is your parent.

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      Steps to Apply for a UK Family Visitor Visa From Pakistan

      Applying for a standard visitor visa or family visitor visa can be done three months before departure to the UK.

      Step 1: Online application

      UK family visitor visa applications usually begin online at the UKVI website. Before filling out the form, please click the appropriate category of visa you are applying for, which is tourism or visiting family and friends under the standard visitor visa category.

      Put in your details as requested in the online form. You must be a resident of Pakistan if you wish to click on Pakistan as your biometric provider. After filling in the details, you will be asked to pay the visa fees to continue the process.

      Step 2: Make an Appointment at the Visa Centre

      Schedule a visa appointment at the nearest centre to you in Pakistan. VFS partners with UKVI for visa applications from Pakistan. They have centres in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Mirpur.

      You can check the exact address on the VFS website. With a prior visa booking, VFS staff will attend to you. The essence of the initial booking is for VFS to collect biometric readings.

      Step 3:Upload the Required Document

      The required document can be submitted by yourself to the UKVI site or with the help of VFS staff at the visa application centre. Using the VFS scanning service usually costs a service fee.

      Scanning your documents can be done before your visa appointment or interview. Ensure that you upload the correct documents requested by the UKVI.

      Step 4: Interview Appointment

      Getting to the visa centre on time for your visa appointment is advisable. Getting to the centre 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time would be best. Your biometric details, such as your fingerprint and photograph, will be taken, making it necessary to attend the interview yourself. No one can go on your behalf.

      If you apply for your children under five, their fingerprints will not be taken, only passport photographs. It is necessary that children also attend their visa appointments.

      Step 5: Track the Progress of Your Visa Application

      An email will be sent to you when your visa decision is ready. SMS notification service is also available to those with challenges accessing their email. However, a service fee applies.

      Step 6: Collect Your Passport

      After deciding on the application, the home office will contact you for your visa collection. You could request a courier service to pick up your passport or do it yourself. Utilising the former means that you will pay an additional fee.

      Although some VFS centres only have the option of using a courier service. Inquire about which service is available at your centre.

      Applying for a UK Long-Term Standard Visitor Visa

      Pakistanis can apply for a long-term standard visitor visa for multiple visits. You will only be granted this visa if you meet the requirements.

      UKVI may give you a shorter visa, resulting in a return of your application fee. If you apply under 18, your visa will only be valid six months following your 18th birthday. In this case, the visa fee is non-refundable.

      Application Fees for UK Family Visitor Visa

      The family visitor visa fee depends on whether you apply for six months or multiple visits.

      • For a single visit of 6 months, a standard visitor visa fee costs £115
      • For regular visits of 2 years, a long-term standard visitor visa costs £400
      • A long-term standard visitor visa of 5 years costs £771
      • A long-term standard visitor visa of 10 years costs £963

      The visa fee to extend your visa costs £1,000 for Pakistanis and other nationals applying for visa extension.

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        Processing Time for Family Visitor Visa UK

        The visa process begins after you have attended the interview and submitted all necessary documents, including biometric details. The visa processing time usually takes three weeks.

        You will usually get an email from UKVI at the end of three weeks.

        The email will give details on whether your visa was accepted. The VfS centre in Pakistan should be contacted to collect the passport once you have received the email.

        Factors That Can Prolong the Usual Processing Time

        Several factors can extend your visa application process. Some of them are:

        • Inaccurate information on your application
        • Incomplete information provided in your application
        • Unverified supporting documents
        • A criminal record requiring further investigation
        • There has been an increase in UK visa applications

        Extending Your UK Family Visitor Visa

        The best time to apply for an extension is when your visa is still valid, and you are in the UK. As a Pakistani, you can apply for an extension of your family visitor visa for up to six additional months.

        As a standard visitor visa holder, you can apply for an extension of more than six months if you need medical attention in the UK. However, you must pay the extension fee to be granted extra months in the UK.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        The UK family visitor visa falls in the standard visitor visa category. It is ideal for citizens of Pakistan who plan to visit their family in the UK for a maximum of six months at one visit.

        Total law can assist you if you wish to enter the country through this immigration route or a different route.

        Regarding immigration matters, Total Law has experienced lawyers who have helped many Pakistanis achieve their dreams and goals of visiting the UK.

        We do not leave you in the dark. We hold your hand through it, giving you immigration advice and helping you file an appeal when necessary.

        Our professional lawyers can assist you with various immigration matters, such as allowing you to understand the eligibility criteria for a visitor visa or figuring out the documents you need to submit.

        Knowing how challenging it can be to apply for a visa, we aim to assist you and lessen the burden.

        Don’t hesitate to contact Total Law today at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or complete our online form. Let us help you achieve your immigration dreams.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  No. Each family member must have their application, including paying the visa fees. They will also need to attend their interview at the visa centre. However, you can apply for a family member who cannot do it themselves.

                  If your application was refused, you will get an email explaining why your visa was denied. Our immigration lawyers at Total Law can help you fill an appeal or apply for an administrative review.

                  You will need a different visa if you are applying to visit the UK For more than six months. In that case, you must apply for a ‘family visa‘ instead of a ‘family visitor visa’.