UK Visit Visa Requirements From Pakistan

The Home Office receives many UK Visitor Visa applications, especially from countries like Pakistan. They obtain the visas to visit the country to see friends or family members. Or to see sights like Big Ben or the Tower of London. Applicants from Pakistan must meet the stringent UK visa requirements, which can be complex and time consuming.

Due to the complexity of applying for a UK Visitor Visa, it is recommended to consult with an immigration specialist like Total Law. Our expert visa consultants have many years of experience dealing with the strict visa requirements set by the UK government. Contact us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 to discuss your needs or message us online.

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    Overview Of The Visitor Visa Requirements For The UK

    If you’re a Pakistani citizen and wish to visit the United Kingdom for a short term trip, you must first apply for a Standard Visitor Visa. It allows you to enjoy various activities like:

    • Leisure and tourism
    • Visiting family members and friends
    • Attending business meetings or conferences
    • Attending events such as music festivals
    • Or for short-term medical treatment

    Pakistani citizens who want to apply for the UK Visit Visa must meet the eligibility requirements. The UK Home Office requires you to show that you have the means to support yourself during your trip. If you bring your children, you must be able to support them too.

    You must agree to leave the UK at the end of your visit and have the funds available to cover your return flight to Pakistan. Or, provide a travel document if you have already booked a flight.

    Before you apply for the UK Standard Visitor Visa, you need to ensure you provide the supporting documents. The documents may vary depending on the reason for your visit.

    You then have to pay the visa fee and arrange an appointment at the UK embassy in Pakistan, where they will interview you and take fingerprints and photos.

    If you’re travelling with family members, they must have their own application and attend their own appointment at the application centre.

    During the process, ensure the information is truthful and factual. False or incorrect information could result in your visa application being rejected. It may even impact any future applications.

    If you need help compiling an application, reach out to an immigration lawyer like IAS. Contact us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

    After a successful application, you must agree to comply with the rules of the UK Visitor Visa.

    Such as:

    • Not carrying out any paid work
    • Not overstaying the visa
    • Not entering into any civil partnerships while in the UK.
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    Documents Required For The UK Visitor Visa

    During the application process for the Standard Visitor Visa to come to the UK from Pakistan, you need to provide several key documents. These typically include a valid Pakistani passport, two recent photographs, and financial evidence such as bank statements.

    The essential documents you may also need to provide include:

    • Proof of your accommodation arrangements and travel details.
    • The passport must have at least six months validity left beyond your intended stay.
    • The passport must also have at least one blank page for the visa sticker.
    • Two recent passport-sized photographs that meet specific UK visa requirements.
    • The last 6 months of bank statements demonstrating sufficient funds.
    • Proof of income such as payslips or employment contracts showcasing your income.
    • If applicable, a sponsorship letter: If someone is financially supporting your trip.
    • Provide evidence of your confirmed flight reservations to and from the UK.
    • Show proof of your booked accommodation throughout your stay in the UK.

    Additional Documents (depending on your circumstances)

    • If visiting family or friends, you can provide marriage certificates, birth certificates, or other documents demonstrating your relationship.
    • If seeking short-term medical treatment in the UK, you may need to provide a letter from your doctor in Pakistan outlining the treatment.
    • For frequent travellers, they can provide passport stamps or previous visas.
    • Employment letters or payslips to demonstrate your ties to Pakistan.
    • Proof of property ownership can strengthen your ties to Pakistan.

    UK Visit Visa Application Form

    To apply for a Standard visitor visa to travel from Pakistan to the UK you have two options; filling out the application form online or submitting a paper application.

    The online process is faster and more convenient as it allows you to upload your documents and track your applications progress.

    To begin you need to create an account on the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website. Once registered, complete the UK Visitor Visa form and upload the documents.

    You will also be prompted to pay the visa fee and schedule an appointment at a visa centre in Pakistan for providing your biometrics.

    If you prefer a paper application you can download the form from the UKVI website. Oo obtain one from your local UK consulate or embassy in Pakistan. After completing it and gathering all required documentation you can submit it through the same visa application centre.

    The paper method may be suitable if you are unable to use the system due to disability, live in an area with no internet access or simply feel more comfortable using paperwork.

    Passport and Photos Requirements

    Two very important things to consider, before applying for the UK Standard Visitor Visa is to ensure both your passport and photos meet the standard requirements.

    Your passport should be valid for the entirety of your stay in the UK. If you are planning to apply for a long-term Standard Visitor Visa, it must have at least one blank page for the visa stamp. It must also be in good condition. If damaged, it may prevent you from coming to the UK.

    When attending your visa appointment at the UK immigration or consulate, ensure you bring original and photocopies of your current and previous Pakistani passports, if applicable.

    Providing two recently taken photographs is another requirement before you can apply for a UK Visitor Visa. The photos must meet the standard guidelines set out by the UK government.

    The requirements are as follows:

    • The size must be 45mm x 35mm
    • The head size must be between 29mm and 34mm
    • Only color photos are accepted
    • They must have been taken in the last 30 days
    • Your eyes must be visible and open, with a neutral expression
    • They must be taken with a plain light background without any shadows.

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      Financial Requirements For UK Visit Visa

      When applying for a UK Visitor Visa it is important to consider the financial aspect that needs to be demonstrated. The UK immigration authorities require all applicants to prove that they have the money in their bank accounts to support themselves during their entire trip to the UK.

      This includes funds to cover their accommodation, food, transportation expenses and other essential needs. They are not able to rely on support from the UK government.

      To meet this requirement you can submit bank statements that show your income or savings. If a family member is sponsoring your trip they must also provide supporting documentation.

      Accommodation Requirements

      To apply for a Visitor Visa UK from outside the country, citizens of Pakistan will be required to submit proof of their planned accommodation arrangements in the United Kingdom.

      Either a printed receipt or email confirmation for hotel reservations. If you plan on staying with family members or friends they will need to provide you with a signed invitation letter.

      Both documents should clearly indicate the dates of your intended stay. Make sure to also provide the address and contact number of your accommodation.

      By submitting these documents it demonstrates that you have made arrangements for your stay. It also assures UK immigration that you will not exceed your visa’s duration.

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      Application Fee for UK Visit Visa

      During the application process for the UK Standard Visitor Visa, you need to pay the visa fee, they may vary depending on the length of stay in the UK.

      The UK Standard Visitor fees are as follows:

      • Standard Visitor Visa Fee is £115 – Max stay, up to 6 months
      • Standard Visitor Visa Fee for medical reasons is £200 – Max stay, up to 11 months
      • Standard Visitor Visa Fee For Academics is £200 – Max Stay, up to 12 months

      If you are planning to stay longer in the UK. Instead of applying for a short-term Standard Visitor Visa, you can apply for a long-term Standard Visitor visa instead.

      For long-term stays, the fees are as follows:

      • Two year long-term Standard Visitor Visa Fee is £400 – Up to 6 months per visit
      • 5 year long-term Standard Visitor visa fee is £771 – Up to 6 months per visit
      • 10 year long-term Standard Visitor Visa Fee Is £963 – Up to 6 months per visit

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        How Can Total Law Help?

        Applying for the UK Visitor Visa can be a complex process, you’ll need to submit extensive documentation and ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. Our experienced immigration lawyers at Total Law can assist you and help to streamline an application.

        With years assisting Pakistani nationals obtain visas, we offer:

        • Guidance on selecting the appropriate visa type based on your travel purpose
        • Assistance gathering and verifying all required financial statements
        • Checking completed application forms to avoid errors or omissions
        • Urgent appointment booking and expedited processing requests

        If you need help meeting the visa criteria or want legal support through the application process, the lawyers at Total Law can help facilitate your travel to the UK. Contact Total Law at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online to get started with your application for a Standard Visitor Visa.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Yes, it is possible to obtain a UK visitor visa without submitting a bank statement. However, alternative forms of financial documentation may be required to demonstrate your ability to support yourself during your visit.

                  You may be able to come to the UK on a Standard Visitor Visa, if you have a criminal record. It depends on the nature of the offence. Full disclosure of any criminal history is crucial when applying for this visa. Contact an immigration solicitor like Total Law if you have any concerns.

                  It is possible for you to visit the UK and pursue studies for a period of up to six months with a Standard Visitor Visa. If your educational aspirations require a longer stay, it is advisable to apply for a student visa that suits your academic plans and desired duration of study.