UK Residence Permits For Australians

If you’re thinking of moving to the UK from Australia. You’ll need to apply for a visa, the best one to apply for will depend on your circumstances and goals. If your application is successful, it will allow you to live and work here and it can lead to permanent UK resident permit.

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    How To Settle In The UK As An Australian?

    For Australian citizens there are several pathways you can take to allow you to come over to the UK and start a new life.

    Depending on which route you choose, it will have its own requirements, and the application process will be slightly different. However, if all goes well, it can lead to you obtaining a permanent UK Residence Permit.

    The general routes to UK residency are either through applying for a work based visa, or the family-based visa route. The most common UK work visas Australians can apply for include:

    • The Skilled Worker Visa allows Australians who have a valid job offer from a UK based company or licensed sponsor to come and work and settle in the UK
    • The Start-Up Visa caters to Australians with a good business idea that they wish to start in the UK. You’ll need a detailed business plan, funding, and an endorsement
    • The Investor Visa typically targets Australians who are able to invest a lot of money in the UK. The minimum investment needed stands at £2 million (AU$3.6 million)
    • The Intra-Company Transfer Visa is suitable for Australian citizens who are currently employed by a multinational company and they are being transferred to a UK branch of that company for a temporary period, somewhere between 3 and 5 years

    The Family-based visa routes that can lead to UK residency include applying for a Marriage or Civil Partnership Visa.

    It allows Australians who are married to, or in a civil partnership with, a British citizen or person who has settled status here in the UK to join them.

    • The Partner Visa caters to unmarried partners of British citizens or settled people in the UK who have been living together in a relationship for at least 2 years
    • The Child Visa is for Australian parents of a British citizen child under the age of 18 can apply for a visa to join and care for their child in the UK

    Other routes that can offer a UK Residence Permit is the Ancestry Visa, you must have a grandparent born in the UK. If successful, it allows you to live and work here for a duration of up to five years. Then you are able to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

    Another possible route to take is applying for a UK Global Talent Visa. This visa was designed by the UK government to attract talented people from around the world to the UK. You must have the skills and experience in the role, in fields such as academia, science, and IT.

    It is important to note that most of the UK immigration routes that we have listed above will require you to have a good understanding of the English language. Some visas, like the Investor Visa, do come with some financial requirements that you will need to meet.

    If you need more advice on which visa is best for you, visit the UK Visas and Immigration website or consider seeking expert advice from an immigration adviser.

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      Requirements To Apply For Residency In The UK


      As an Australian, the eligibility criteria that you will need to meet and what documents you’ll need to fulfill will differ depending on the type of visa you want to apply for.

      All applicants must provide a valid reason for why you are wanting to come to the UK. You must state your reasons clearly, and be honest when applying to avoid any issue down the line.

      Provide some evidence that shows you can financially support yourself when you arrive, this can include recent bank statements. Most importantly, you can not have a serious criminal record, especially if it could pose a serious threat to public safety.

      The visa requirements by visa category

      • For the Skills Worker Visa you’ll need proof of a job offer from a licensed sponsor in the UK. It must pay a salary above the minimum threshold, currently £25,600 per year
      • For the Start-Up Visa you’ll need to provide a viable business plan, prove you have the money to start a business. Or you have an endorsement from an authorized body
      • For the Investor Visa you must be able to invest a minimum of £2 million in the UK
      • For the Intra-Company Transfer Visa you must already be employed by a multinational company who has a UK branch and they want to transfer you here
      • For the Marriage or Civil Partnership Visa (also known as a Spouse Visa) you must be married to, or in a civil partnership with, a UK citizen or someone with pre settled status
      • For the Partner Visa you must be in a relationship with a British citizen or settled person in the UK for at least 2 years. There are also financial requirements you must meet
      • For a Child or Dependent Visa you must be a child of a British citizen, under 18
      • For the UK Ancestry Visa you must have a grandparent born in the United Kingdom
      • For the Global Talent Visa you must have exceptional talent in a specific field

      The Documents Needed

      After meeting the eligibility criteria of a UK residence card or visa you wish to apply for. Here is a general list of key documents that you’ll need to fulfill.

      Typically, you will need to provide:

      • Your Australian passport with at least 3-months validity remaining
      • Proof of relationship to the person in the UK, if applying for family visas
      • Proof of your employment and bank statements showing your income
      • Evidence of your accommodation arrangements in the UK
      • Evidence to show you are able to support yourself on arrival to the UK
      • Tuberculosis test results (if required)
      • Your fingerprints and photograph, you will then receive a biometric residence permit

      Depending on the type of residency permit or visa sought, you may be required to submit additional documents. For instance, if applying for family reunification purposes, providing proof of your relationship with the sponsor in the UK will definitely be required.

      How Much Does It Cost?

      The costs that Australian applicants must be aware of beforehand with applying for UK visas, does depend on the type of visa being applied for.

      They range from £80 – £1523 per visa per applicant.

      Australians applying for UK visas generally do not need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) as they benefit from the agreement between the UK and Australia. So those who have a valid Medicare card can access the NHS in the UK for free.

      How To Apply For UK Residency As an Australian

      While the application process for a UK visa will vary depending on the chosen visa category, here’s a general outline of the typical steps for Australians applying:

      Step 1: Choose Your Visa Route

      Firstly, you’ll need to identify the visa you want to apply for. For example, is it work-based, family, investment, or is it another type of visa?

      After choosing your path for a Resident Permit in the UK, make sure that you take your time to understand the requirements you need to meet, the application process, and what supporting documents you’ll need to submit so the UK Home Office can process it.

      Step 2: Gather Required Documents

      Before starting, double-check that you have gathered documents that you will need. Again, they will vary depending on the visa you want to apply for. The general documents include your Australian passports, proof of English language proficiency and any financial documents.

      Also prepare:

      • The documents for your accommodation, such as a rental agreement
      • Proof of your financials, such as your latest bank statements, or payslips
      • For the Start-Up Visa, you’ll need a business plan and endorsement paperwork
      • If applying for the Investor Visa, you’ll need to show you have the money to invest
      • If applying for the Skilled Worker Visa you’ll need proof of a job offer
      • If applicable, you will need to bring with you your medical certificates
      • For family visas, you will provide proof of your relationship to the family member

      When preparing these documents it is important that you make sure you have both the originals and copies required and they are in English, this must be done by a certified translator.

      Step 3: Apply Online

      The next step is to create an account at the UK Visas and Immigration online portal. After doing this, choose your visa and complete the application form.

      Making sure you take your time to read it thoroughly and answer the questions accurately. After that, you will need to upload your documents, and make sure they are in the correct format.

      Pay the application fee through the online payment system.

      Step 4: Biometric Information (if applicable)

      Depending on which visa you’re applying for, you might need to schedule an appointment at the UK embassy. This is where you will provide your fingerprints and a photograph.

      Step 5: Wait for a Decision

      Processing times can vary based on the visa you’ve applied for and the current workload of the UK’s Immigration. However, you track the status of your application online using your account.

      In some cases, you might be requested to attend an interview with an Immigration Officer to discuss your application, and you may need to provide additional information.

      Step 6: Receive the Outcome

      Once it has been processed, UK immigration will contact you with their decision. If they request further information make sure to be prompt in your reply, so as not to add more time.

      If successful, you will be notified about where and when to pick up your home office travel documents. If you have an unsuccessful application, they will provide details on the reasons why this was the outcome and they will explain your rights and how to appeal.

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        Extending Your Stay In The UK As An Australian


        For Australian citizens living in the UK and you want to extend a visa, you can. But only if you have complied with all of the conditions of the visa.

        When applying to extend a visa, you must apply for an extension before it expires. If your circumstances change during this time, you might also be eligible to switch to a different visa, one that maybe better suits your current situation.

        If you have lived here legally and as a model citizen, you may be able to apply for settled status or UK citizenship, which grants you the right to live and work in the UK indefinitely.

        British Citizenship Requirements

        If you wish to become a UK citizen and live here permanently, you must be at least 18 years old, be in good health and not have committed any serious criminal offenses or breached immigration laws while you have been living here on another visa.

        If you are already married to a UK citizen, you must have held settled status for at least 3 years.

        The process to apply for citizenship involves:

        1. Checking your eligibility on the UK Visas and Immigration website
        2. Gathering your documents, including proof of identity, settled status, residency history
        3. Applying online through the UK Visas and Immigration online system
        4. Pay the application fee, which is currently £1,330 for adults and £1,012 for children
        5. If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony to complete the process

        British citizenship opens up many more opportunities and benefits for Australians, and rights that are not normally available while you’re on a visa. It allows you the right to live and work in the UK, with little restrictions on the jobs that you can do.

        You are also allowed to vote, and the right to stand for public office, which means you can become a member of parliament. You can even buy a house or own any other property. Best of all, you can apply for a British passport and travel freely outside of the UK.

        However, there are some limitations that you must consider. As a British citizen, you are liable for UK taxes. Under special circumstances, you might even have to serve in the armed forces.

        Settling In The UK, What You Need To Know

        Finding Accommodation

        Finding a nice place to live in the UK when you arrive can be a bit tricky. When you’re searching for somewhere to live, think about where you want to be located, how much rent you can afford, and what other things are important to you like laundry, parking or a nearby gym.

        It is worth mentioning, the further south of the United Kingdom you live the more expensive the rent will be. If you are unsure where to look, start by looking online at rental sites such as the popular Zoopla or rightmove websites. You could even spend some time talking to local real estate agents to get a sense of the options you have for your budget.

        Once you find somewhere nice, you’ll need to have your documents ready like your ID such as your Australian passport and proof of income like a payslip or bank statements.

        Opening a Bank Account

        Another thing to consider when you arrive in the UK is opening a bank or building society account. Make sure to do your research to find a bank that works best for your situation.

        After choosing your preferred bank make sure to take with you your ID documents like your Australian passport and proof of your address, you’ll need these to be able to open an account.

        Once that’s done, you can easily pay your bills such as setting up a direct debit or standing order to pay your rent, get paid from a job, and use many other banking services.

        Registering with a Doctor

        It may not be at the top of your list, on arrival it is important to register with a local doctor (GP) to ensure you have access to healthcare if and when it is ever needed. Look into GP practices near you that are taking new patients, you can do this by searching the UK government website and see which practices are taking on new patients.

        You can also call the NHS to ask them where to find a GP who’s accepting new people. To register, you’ll have to book your first visit to complete all of the forms. Again, you’ll need your ID document. It is also good to know how the NHS system works so you understand what free care you are entitled to while you are in the UK.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        Moving from Australia to the United Kingdom, especially if it’s with your whole family, can be complicated with all the different visa options and requirements that need to be met.

        Getting expert help from an immigration lawyer can ensure your application is accurate, meets these requirements, and leads to approval. The immigration law firm Total Law has a huge amount of experience assisting people worldwide with immigration matters. Total Law has years of experience assisting Australians with UK visas and immigration.

        We can help you:

        • Review your situation and advise which residence permit is best for you
        • Gather the documents and evidence needed to apply
        • Check if your documents meet immigration standards
        • If it gets declined, we can help you submit an appeal
        • Help you apply for visa extensions or transitions to other visas

        Our lawyers stay current on frequent changes to UK immigration rules. We’ll make sure your application fully complies with all regulations. Don’t struggle through the visa process alone. Contact the team at Total Law today. Call us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or connect with us online.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  It can be challenging to get permanent residence in the UK, this is mainly due to strict eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and lengthy processing times for UK permits. You’ll also need to ensure you meet all of these conditions to ensure a successful application.

                  Yes, you can migrate to the United Kingdom without an offer of a job. There are many other visas that you can apply for. These include family visas, student visas, or skilled worker visas.

                  If you get permission to live in the UK for over 6 months, you’ll receive a Biometric Residence Permit, or BRP, from the UK government. It is a physical card that has your photo and fingerprint on it. It’s proof of your official immigration status and gives you the green light to both live and work in the UK legally.