France Tech Visa

The French Tech Visa route is ideal for employers recruiting highly skilled workers from Australia to help develop their innovative businesses, considering starting their own French tech enterprise or investing in an established French firm.

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    An Overview Of The French Tech Visa For Australians

    The French Tech Visa route was created to help France attract international tech expertise to fill skill shortage gaps and create innovative start-up companies

    There are three different types of French Tech Visas, and businesses need to choose the most appropriate pathway for their planned operations.

    For Australians who do not have a direct job offer with a French company, it is also possible to apply for a French Tech Visa to create a French-based start-up or invest in a French tech sector firm.

    For those looking to benefit from the French Tech Visa route, it is advisable to seek the advice of an immigration expert to ensure the process is as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

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    French Tech Visas For Australian Citizens


    The three different types of Tech Visas offered by the French immigration services:

    • French Tech Visa for Founders for founders who want to create their startup in France. It provides a fast-track route for those looking to obtain a residence permit.
    • French Tech Visa for Employees is suitable for highly skilled employees with a job offer from a French startup or tech company. It allows firms to benefit from global expertise and skills.
    • French Tech Visa is for investors who want to invest in French startups or tech companies. Holders can live and work in France to oversee their investments.

    When granted a French Tech Visa, Australian holders are given a residence permit for an initial four-year period, called a French Talent Passport.

    French Tech Visa for Founders

    This Tech Visa fast-track pathway is for those Australian companies or employers who want to create a new tech business or project in France.

    To be approved for a Founder Tech Visa, your business must be seen as high-tech, approved by the French government, and supported by a French incubator. It is also vital that your enterprise will help to boost France’s economy and create jobs within the tech industry.

    Investor Tech Visa in France

    Australian-based businesses may opt for the Investor Tech Visa to invest in a French-based French tech enterprise, especially start-up firms.

    Applicants can use various income streams to fund investments, such as savings or existing company capital.

    Although the exact level of finance needs can vary depending on the nature of the investment, in most cases, the Australian investor must provide at least 300,00 euros of cash or assets.

    Investor Tech Visa applicants must demonstrate their investment will create French-based jobs within four years.

    There are also restrictions on the French company that will receive the investment, and they must have received support from the public due to its innovative nature, be at least partly owned by an investment entity linked to financing innovative businesses and have been supported in the last five years from an establishment backing innovative enterprises.

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      French Tech Visa Application Requirements For Employers


      Companies currently or planning to operate in France that want to hire tech workers from Australia must ensure they meet the French Tech Visa route requirements.

      The exact criteria may vary depending on whether you already have an office in France where the overseas worker will be based or if you plan to open a new branch.

      When setting up a new branch of a business or founding a new company, you must provide the following documents to be approved for a French Tech Visa:

      • Completed visa application form
      • Evidence of visa fee payment
      • Australian passport, which is valid three months beyond the planned visa expiry
      • Three recent passport-sized photos
      • Confirmation from an incubator or accelerator that your business idea is acceptable and innovative
      • Bank statements to have the funds to start the planned business/project
      • Evidence of relationships with any family members travelling to France, such as birth or marriage certificates

      Requirements for Investors

      If your Australian business is planning to invest via the Tech Visa route, you should provide the following with your completed application form:

      • Completed visa application form
      • Evidence of visa fee payment
      • Australian passport, which is valid three months beyond the planned visa expiry
      • Three recent passport-sized photos
      • Business plan outlining how your investment will create jobs in the French tech sector over the next four years
      • Proof of planned investment of at least €300,000
      • Evidence of relationships with any family members travelling to France, such as birth or marriage certificates

      France Tech Visa Application Requirements For Employees

      If you are a French-based employer planning to recruit skilled tech workers from Australia, you must ensure your future staff member meets the criteria for the Tech Visa. They will be required to submit several documents and you will also need to provide paperwork to show you are following French immigration and employment laws.

      Your potential employee must submit:

      • Completed visa application form
      • A passport that is valid for three months after their visa is due to expiry
      • Three recent colour passport-size photographs

      As their employer in France, you will need to provide:

      • A job contract showing they will be paid at least 41,933 euros per year and the planned employment will last at least three months
      • A job description outlining the role and duties of the overseas worker
      • A copy of a certificate from the French Ministry of Economy confirming your business is classed as innovative
      • An extrait K-bis if you are a business entity or an extrait K to evidence your business is correctly registered in France

      Applying For a France Tech Visa

      After an application for a France Tech Visa has been submitted online and the application fee of 99 euros is paid, the next step is to schedule an appointment at the nearest French consulate or embassy in Australia.

      This appointment will allow applicants to submit their documents and give their biometric information. In some cases, a consulate officer may ask questions about your or your employee’s plans and eligibility for the Tech Visa route being applied.

      Usually, a decision is made to issue a VLS-TS Talent Passport within 45 days.

      On arrival in France, Tech Visa holders must register for a residence permit online and visit their local prefecture or sub-prefecture to submit all supporting documents and pay the 200 euro fee and 25 euro stamp duty.

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      Extending / Renewing The French Tech Visa

      It is possible to renew or extend a French Tech Visa, but this must be done three months before a Residence Permit expires for 225 euros.

      If an employer is an Australian citizen, your worker must show they still meet the visa criteria. If renewing a French Tech Visa route via the investor or founder pathways, you must submit evidence of the development of your innovative project/business.

      How Can Total Law Help?

      Our expert team at Total Law is here to help you as a business recruit staff from Australia, invest in a French-based tech firm, or start up a new innovative company in France.

      Working with us can help reduce the potential problems of applying for a Tech Visa and allow you to focus on running a successful business.

      As well as providing the latest information on the French immigration system, Total Law can check your documents, track your application and deal with any potential delays.

      Contact Total Law at ​​+44 (0)333 305 9375 or use our online chat to learn more.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                The length of French visas depends on individual circumstances. However, the French residency permit (Carte de séjour) generally offers the ability to stay for several years.

                The ability to get a French visa depends on which visa is applied. In most cases, applying for short-stay visas such as tourist and business-related permits is relatively easy compared to long-stay visas, including the French Tech and Talent Passport routes.