France Golden Visa Alternatives

Golden Visas have become a popular route for many Australian citizens looking to move to Europe; however, France does not have an official Golden Visa route.

Instead, the French Talent Passport could be an ideal way for Australians to live and work in France. Contact Total Law to learn more about this option on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or use our live chat service online.

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    What Is The Equivalent Of Golden Visa In France?

    Many European Union states have official Golden Visa routes, so Australians looking to move to Spain, Portugal, and Cyprus can opt for that pathway.

    However, for those looking to relocate to France, the equivalent Golden Visa is the French Talent Passport (FTP), which offers the opportunity to gain permanent residency within a short time frame.

    In some cases, the FTP is referred to as the French Golden Visa or France Golden Visa but it is important to understand this is not the same as other countries’ official Golden Visa.

    To find out more about alternatives to the Golden Visa in France or how to apply for a Golden Visa in another country, reach out to Total Law for the latest information.

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    French Passport Talent

    The Passeport Talent allows qualifying Australians to gain long-term residence in the country by investing in the French economy. The visa is open to those who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, innovators, or traditionally employed.

    It was designed to enable France to benefit from those with exceptional talents or promising potential in various fields and help attract top investment in the country’s economy.

    Holders of the passport also benefit from France’s quality of life, including the education and healthcare systems. The location is also a major attraction for overseas investors, providing an ideal operational base to expand into neighbouring European countries. FTP holders are granted open travel within the Schengen area for up to 6 months each year.

    FTP holders can live and work in France for up to four years, and they are also able to bring dependents, including partners and children, with them from Australia to France.

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      What Are The Requirements Of The French Passport Talent Visa?

      The exact requirement depends on which category of visa is being applied for. You should choose the category that most suits your circumstances. Some of the most popular categories and requirements are:


      Researchers are eligible for the French Passport Talent Visa if they have a formal agreement with an approved French-based research or higher education institution to partake in research.

      Applicants must be required to travel to France with the sole purpose of conducting research work or higher education teaching and must hold at least a master’s degree or its equivalent.

      This route is ideal for international research scientists from Australia looking to develop their skills and benefit from some of the world’s most innovative academic institutions.

      Company Founders

      Australians looking to establish a company in France may qualify for the French equivalent of the Golden Visa. Applicants must have a detailed business plan to demonstrate their enterprise will benefit the French economy and is innovative in nature to qualify for a France Entrepreneur Visa alternative.

      To be granted a Talent Passport under this route, holders must also have the correct qualifications of a master’s degree level or at least five years of relevant professional experience.

      This route is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs to benefit from the strong French economy and its location at the heart of Europe.

      Qualified Employees

      Suitably qualified employees may qualify for the French Talent Passport if they can demonstrate they meet the requirements for this category.

      Applicants must have a contract with a French company lasting at least three months and an annual salary of at least €41,933.

      In addition, applicants must hold a qualification equivalent to at least a master’s degree, such as a Specialised Master’s Degree or a Master of Science obtained in France, or hold a professional licence.

      A key attraction for this route is that it has more general criteria than many other FTP categories, as there are fewer restrictions on the nature of employment permitted.

      Company Representative France Passport Talent

      This FTP category is for Australians who are on assignment or are relocating to France to work for the same employer. The route is ideal for those workers who wish to spend some time in a foreign country and experience a different culture while retaining their current employer and enhancing their in-house career prospects back home.

      It is necessary to have an employment contract valid for at least three months and the role being done in France must have an annual salary of at least 37,739.52 euros.

      Highly Skilled Worker

      Workers in highly skilled employment are eligible for the French Talent Passport if they meet specific criteria. They must have an annual salary of at least 53,836.50 euros and a job offer lasting at least 12 months.

      Applicants must have a qualification from an approved higher education program or at least five years of relevant professional experience. This route is designed to attract some of the world’s most skilled workers and fill any potential skill gaps in France.

      Working with an innovative company

      Applicants who wish to undertake a role with an innovative French company may wish to pursue this category. It is open to those with a job offering at least 41,993 euros per year; however, the role must be with an innovative company.

      The employer must be either newly established or officially recognised as innovative by the Ministry of Economy, and the work being undertaken must be within research and development.

      The main aim of the FTP is to encourage global professionals within innovative and high-tech industries to bring their skills to France to benefit the country’s economy.

      France Passport Talent For Innovative Economic Project

      This could be a good FTP option for Australians wanting to undertake an innovative project in France.

      Aimed at those self-employed, the innovative project must have the backing of a public body. Applicants should be able to clearly demonstrate the benefits to the French economy the project will bring.

      Artistic and cultural profession

      Artists and performers invited to participate in cultural events or projects in France qualify under this category.

      The work undertaken must have an annual salary of at least three times the French minimum wage if employed. Alternatively, it is open to self-employed people if they can provide evidence of financial stability.

      Anyone applying via this route must have a contract to demonstrate the event or project as cultural significance.

      France Passeport Talent Person with a National or International Reputation

      Australians recognised as experts in their field can come to France via a French Talent Passport.

      As well as covering more traditional jobs, this route also covers sportspeople, artists, journalists, actors and musicians.

      Applicants are required to submit evidence of their achievements, financial stability as well as their reasons for coming to France to work.


      Australians who wish to invest in a French enterprise may qualify for a FTP. There are some restrictions to the amount of investment that must be made and the expected impact.

      Any proposed investments must be worth at least 300,000 euros and directly lead to the creation of jobs within the first four years.

      For further details about any FTP category and France citizenship by investment, reach out to the Total Law team today on +44 (0)333 305 9375.

      The Application Process of The France Passport Talent Visa

      If you are currently living in France, then the process for applying for the French Talent Passport can be done online. You should submit your application at least two months before your current residence permit expires; otherwise, you could be forced to return to Australia.

      The process for those outside France means applying at the local French embassy or consulate.

      Applicants must pay a fee of 225 euros, and it can take around 12 weeks for a decision to be made on your application. There may also be other costs involved with your application including potential translation fees, insurance cover and medical examinations.

      A key part of the application process for a French Talent Passport is submitting supporting documents to show you meet the requirements. It is important to provide the correct evidence; otherwise, you risk your application being delayed or even rejected.

      For all FTP applications, you will need to provide the following:

      • Valid passport
      • Proof of residence address over the past three months
      • Two colour passport-sized photographs
      • Copies of older visas (if applicable)
      • Travel medical insurance cover
      • Proof of financial income, such as bank statements or payslips
      • Certificate of criminal record
      • Visa fee payment receipt

      The other required documents will be related to the category you are applying for, so you may need to provide evidence of your skills, investment or qualifications.

      You should ensure all documents are correctly certified and translated if not in French otherwise, they could be rejected by the French immigration service.

      How to Renew the French Talent Passport

      The length of time a French Talent Passport is issued depends on the holder’s circumstances. For instance, it may be issued for a short period to cover a set event, while a business FTP could be valid for four years.

      If you need to renew your FTP to stay in France, you should allow plenty of time before your current one expires otherwise, you could be breaking French immigration laws.

      The process for renewing a talent passport is similar to when applying for one. It requires the same documentation to be submitted and evidence that you are continuing to meet the requirements.

      French Talent Passport and French Citizenship

      Holding a French Talent Passport can be a route to French citizenship. However, anyone applying to become a citizen of France will need to meet a range of requirements:

      • Have lived in France for five years
      • Demonstrate they are capable of speaking French to at least B1 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
      • Contribute to French culture and obey French law

      Australia does allow dual citizenship, so it is possible to become a French national without giving up your Australian passport.

      Contact the Total Law team for more information on how to apply for French citizenship and the required criteria for a successful application.

      How Can Total Law Help?

      Our experienced team is here to help you find a French equivalent to the Golden Visa so you can pursue your next career move.

      With a wide variety of categories of FTP, it can be difficult to understand which is the correct pathway for you. Hence, it is important to seek advice so you do not apply for the wrong route, which could lead to lengthy delays and even rejection.

      If you do not fit the FTP requirements, then our lawyers can provide various alternative options to help you secure residence in France and, eventually, French citizenship.
      Contact Total Law on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online, for support with your French Golden Visa application.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                If you are from a non-EU country, it is possible to get a Long-Stay Visa after purchasing the property, which can eventually be changed to a residence permit.

                How easy it is to invest in a European country depends on various factors such as the type of investment, your nationality and individual circumstances. For advice on European investment visas, you should consult an immigration expert.

                If you purchase a property in France and plan to remain in the country, then you have 90 days to apply for the correct visa that allows you to live in France.

                Yes, FTP Visa holders can bring dependents to France, including their spouse/partner and children under 18. Contact Total Law for more information about how to make the move from Australia to France with your family members.