French Business Visas For Australians

France has a range of visas targeted at foreign nationals intending to enter the country for business-related purposes. If you’re an Australian and want to engage in a business activity in France, it’s vital to understand the requirements.

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    Types of French Business Visas Available For Australians

    A France business visa authorises you to enter France for a short or long-term period to engage in business-related activities.

    As an Australian seeking business opportunities in France, there are various visa options available to you. Some of the common French business visas include:

    • The business visitor visa
    • Visas for professional activities
    • The international talent passport

    These visas cater to diverse business purposes, whether attending short-term meetings and conferences, embarking on entrepreneurial ventures, facilitating intra-company transfers, or making substantial economic investments in France.

    Before applying for a business visa, you should understand each visa’s eligibility criteria to determine the route that applies to you. You should also note that the documentation requirements for each visa differ. As such, gather the right documents before making an application.

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      France Business Visitor Visa

      The business visitor visa allows foreign nationals to enter France for short stays of up to 90 days to conduct businesses related to their professional activity in their home country. This visa permits the following activities:

      • Participating in trade fairs, seminars, or conferences
      • Responding to invitations and requests from a France-based partner
      • Conducting market research
      • Installing, repairing, or dismantling equipment.

      However, as an Australian national, you are typically allowed to enter France and other Schengen countries visa-free for up to 90 days to engage in business-related or other short-term visit purposes.

      In other words, you do not need to apply for a business visitor visa if you’ll be staying in France for less than three months to conduct unpaid professional activities.

      When you enter France from Australia as a business visitor, you’ll need to provide the following documents at the border:

      • A valid passport
      • Documents showing the reason for your business trip
      • Proof of accommodation, like a hotel reservation
      • Proof of sufficient financial means
      • Your return flight reservation
      • Medical insurance certificate

      If you intend to stay in France beyond 90 days, you must apply for a long-stay business visa.

      France Visa for Professional Activity

      The visa for professional activity is a long-stay visa that allows you to conduct business in France for more than 90 days. You can either enter France as a self-employed person or send your employee to France to provide services on behalf of your foreign company.

      Self-Employed Business Visa

      If you’re an Australian entrepreneur, you can move to France to set up a new business or develop an existing French business.

      The business can be commercial, agricultural, industrial, or artisanal, but it must be of economic value. As such, you must demonstrate the economic viability of your business with a detailed business plan.

      In addition, if you’re joining an existing French company, you must prove that you can earn the equivalent of the minimum wage for a full-time worker in France, which is €1,3083.08 monthly.

      If your application is successful, you will get a long-stay visa bearing “entrepreneur/profession libérale” (Self-employed in a regulated liberal profession). It is equivalent to a residence permit (VLS/TS) and valid for one year on the condition that you must validate it within fifteen days of arriving in France.

      Business Visas For Posting Employees

      If you own or run an Australian-based business, you apply for a business visa to send your employees to France on behalf of your organisation.

      Their trip can be for any of the of these reasons:

      • To provide a service in France

      Your employee can enter France as a “traveilluer temporaire” (temporary worker) to:

      • Provide a one-off service or complete a one-off contract for a French client.
      • Take a training course or carry out an expert assessment in the French branch of your company (as long as they’ve been your employee for up to 3 months).

      As part of the requirement for this immigration route, you, your French client, or the manager of your French branch must obtain a work authorisation from the French government that will allow your employee to apply for the visa.

      • To take part in intra-group mobility

      If your employee works in a senior management role or has a high level of expertise, you can send them to France to carry out high-level assessments through this route. It also applies to high-level management employees who need professional training in the French branch of your overseas company.

      Your employee must have been working for your organisation for at least three months before applying for the visa. Depending on the duration of the intended business activity, they will get a “stagiare ICT” (ICT trainee) visa valid for one year or a “salarie detache ICT” (ICT posted employee) visa valid for three years.

      The France International Talent Passport


      The international talent passport is a multi-year residence permit that allows you to live and work in France for up to four years.

      To qualify as an international talent, you must plan to set up a new business or develop an existing one that will contribute to France’s economic attractiveness. There are several visa categories for international talents, and they include:

      Investor Permit

      You can qualify for the investor permit if you make a direct economic investment in a fixed tangible or intangible asset in France that:

      • Is at least €300,000 and
      • Creates or commits to creating jobs within four years following the investment.

      Your direct investment must be from any of the following:

      • A share capital investment, such as real estate, capital increase, and equity investment over 10%,
      • Earnings reinvested into the company from the share of the operating income of its subsidiaries or other investments or
      • Interaffiliate loans between you and the company you’re investing in.

      Furthermore, you can make the investment in a venture that you will own personally or have at least 30% of the shareholder’s capital.

      Business Creator Permit

      You can apply for a business creator permit to create a business in France or take over an existing one if you meet the following requirements:

      • You are willing to or have invested at least at least €300,000 into the business.
      • You have a master’s degree or five years of professional experience in your field.
      • The company is commercial, artisanal, or industrial in nature.
      • You can prove that you have a real business creation plan.
      • You will earn at least the monthly minimum wage of  €1,3083.08.

      Innovative Economic Project Permit

      You can apply for an international talent passport under this category if you plan to engage in an innovative economic project in France. To be eligible:

      • A public body must have recognised your project as innovative.
      • You must be able to earn the minimum wage from your project.

      Permit for Persons with a National or International Reputation

      You can apply for a talent passport if you have a national or international reputation in science, education, art, literature, academia, or sports. You must intend to engage in an activity linked to your field while in France.

      Company Representative Permit

      You can apply as an internal talent to work in the French branch of your company if:

      • You are the corporate representative of the branch in France.
      • You will earn at least 3 times the minimum wage in France.

      Artistic and Cultural Profession Permit

      If you plan to work as a self-employed performer in France, you must:

      • Prove that you’re making a production or creating a performance that is literal or artistic.
      • Be self-employed
      • Earn at least 70% of the minimum wage.

      International Talent Passport for Employees

      Your employees may be eligible to apply for an international talent passport if they:

      • Have worked for you for at least three months.
      • Are qualified or highly qualified individuals.
      • Intend to carry out a service in the French branch of your company on your behalf.
      • Will earn at least 1.8 times the annual legal minimum wage in France.

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        Documents Needed for a France Business Visa Application

        When applying for a French business visa, you must submit some documents to support your application. These documents will differ depending on the specific visa you’re applying for.

        However, here are some of the documents you’ll need.

        • A valid passport less than ten years old, with at least two blank pages for the visa sticker.
        • ID photographs
        • Proof of your intended business activity with the following, where applicable:
          • A written presentation of your project, your business plan and a multi-annual estimated budget.A written presentation of your project, your business plan and a multi-annual estimated budget.
          • A business registration certificate
          • A copy of the business’ sales agreement or contract
          • A copy of the commercial lease agreement stating the business activity
        • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay
        • Travel health insurance

        France Business Visa Costs

        The France business visa costs €99. You must also pay service fees when you visit a visa application centre (VAC) in charge of visa admission for the French authorities. It costs between €40 to €70, depending on the VAC you visit.

        When you arrive in France and apply for a residence permit, you will pay an issuance fee of €225.

        Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for a Business Visa in France

        Once you’ve determined the business visa that suits your travel purpose, here are the steps you should take to apply for the visa:

        1. Gather your documents: It’s important to gather all required documents ahead of your application. Since each visa type requires distinct documentation, consult an immigration lawyer to determine the right supporting documents for your application.
        2. Make an online application: Visit the France visas website to start your visa application. Download and fill out the application form and pay the visa fee.
        3. Book and attend a physical appointment: While making your online application, you must book an appointment at a French visa application centre. The VACs in Australia are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaïde. At your appointment, submit your completed application form and all supporting documents.
        4. Receive a Decision: The Consulate General of France in Sydney will review your application. Once a decision has been made, you’ll receive a notification to pick up your passport at the VAC you dropped it.

        Processing Time for The French Business Visa Application

        French business visas have one of the longest processing times. Due to the specific checks each application must undergo, it can take up to 4 months at the visa centre in Sydney, Australia.

        Rights and Limitations of a Business Visa Holder in France

        With your France business visa, you must adhere to the specific and authorised business activity outlined in the conditions of your visa. You should refrain from engaging in other business activities outside the scope of your visa.

        You are only entitled to legally stay in France for the duration specified on your visa. You can extend your stay depending on your visa type. Otherwise, you must return to your home country at the expiration of your visa.

        Some business visas will allow you to bring your dependents with you, and they will have the same rights as you. Finally, your visa gives you the right to access healthcare services and education during your stay in France.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    The French embassy or consulate will contact you if you need to attend an interview as part of your application.

                    If your visa is refused, you may be able to appeal within 30 days before the commissions for appeal against visa refusal decisions. If you do not get a response within two months, you may appeal to the administrative judge, depending on your type of visa.

                    Most French business visas are open to renewal. To find out if you can extend your stay on your specific visa, talk to an immigration lawyer.