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K2 Visa for Turkish Citizens

If you are a Turkish K1 fiancé(e) Visa holder, the K2 Visa allows your unmarried children under 21 to come to the US while you get married and apply for an adjustment of status.

We know that immigration processes can be complex, and we’re here to help. To find out if your child qualifies for a K2 Visa or if you need assistance with the application process, reach out to one of our legal advisers today by calling +1 844 290 6312 or contacting us online.

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    Overview of the K2 Visa for Turkish Citizens

    A K2 Visa is a type of nonimmigrant visa that allows minor, unmarried children of a Turkish citizen (K1 Visa holder) to enter the United States. The child must be under 21 years old and can come to the US at the same time as their parent or within one year of getting the K2 Visa.

    If applying from outside the US, Turkish children must meet US visa eligibility standards related to health, finances, and security. Medical exams, police certificates, and background checks are also required.

    Once in the US, the child can study or work. But before turning 21, they must apply to get a Green Card or other permanent status. This must happen before their parent who has the K1 Visa gets married.

    The K2 Visa for Turkish citizens does not give immigration status by itself – it depends on the parent having a valid K1 Visa. Also, the child can’t switch to another nonimmigrant status while holding the K2 Visa.

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    What Are the Eligibility Requirements for the K2 Visa?

    The US citizen petitioner files the K2 Visa application form on behalf of both the K1 Visa holder and the child. The child cannot apply for a K2 Visa on its own to enter the United States.

    Initially, the K2 Visa is given for 90 days, allowing the dependent child to come to the US during this time. The parent and fiancé need to get married within these 90 days. If the wedding doesn’t happen within this time, the K2 Visa holder must leave the US within 30 days. So, in total, the visa is valid for 120 days.

    The eligibility requirements for the K1 and K2 Visa are very similar. To be eligible for the K2 Visa, the child must:

    • Be unmarried
    • Be under 21 years old
    • Have no previous criminal convictions
    • Be the child of the K-1 Visa holder
    • Have a clear criminal record
    • Apply for the K-2 Visa within 1 year of the parent getting the K-1 Visa
    • Plan to enter the US with the K-1 Visa holder or within a year of the K-1 being issued
    • Show proof they did not violate their nonimmigrant status if applying from within the US
    • Prove their relationship to the K-1 Visa holder (birth certificates, adoption record)
    • Provide evidence of the valid K-1 status of their parent
    • Undergo a medical exam
    • Pass background checks

    Additionally, the American citizen sponsor must provide proof that he can financially support the child and the K1 Visa parent.

    A common misconception is that step-children are ineligible for the K2 Visa – they can qualify as long as the relationship is formally adopted.

    What Documents Do I Need To Apply for The K2 Visa?

    The K2 Visa for children is dependent on the approval of the parent’s K1 Fiancé Visa petition. The names of any children must be included on the parent’s Form I-129F (Petition for Alien Fiancé) for them to qualify for a K2 Visa.

    When filing the K2 Visa application form for their child, the Turkish Citizen K1 Visa holder must provide these documents:

    • A passport that should be valid for an additional 6 months beyond intended stay
    • Birth certificate (original and copy)
    • Copy of the K1 Visa stamp or approval notice from USCIS
    • Proof of legal termination of any prior marriages (original+copy)
    • Police certificates from any country lived in for over 6 months in the past 10 years
    • Certificates from the medical examination on Form I-693
    • Completed Form DS-160
    • Evidence of the K1 and K2 Visa fee payments
    • Completed Form I-134

    The K1 Visa holder must also submit documents providing information about the K2 Visa child. This includes:

    • Birth certificate showing names of both parents (original and copy)
    • If step-child, marriage certificate of biological parent and petitioning step-parent
    • A passport that’s valid for an additional 6 months beyond intended stay
    • Proof of relationship (school records, custody orders, adoption decrees)
    • Police certificates from any country lived in for over 6 months since age 16
    • Biographic information including full name, date of birth, address, phone number
    • Details on all travel outside the country of citizenship
    • Completed Form DS-160
    • Military record. Required for all male applicants above the age of 17 (original and copy)
    • Two colour passport photos of the child
    • Previous passport with valid US nonimmigrant visa, if applicable

    To get your Turkish Citizen Birth Certificate – Vukuaatli Nüfus Kayıt Örneği, you can either visit the e-Government website or apply in person at the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship (Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü) or at Turkish Consulates abroad. It’s important to record all events like marriages, divorces, and deaths on your NKO.

    Financial Requirements for K2 Visa

    When applying for a K1 and K2 Visa, the financial requirements are the same. The US citizen must prove that they are financially able to support both you and your child after you arrive in the United States.

    The specific income requirements will vary based on the sponsor’s circumstances and family size. To sponsor someone, the US citizen will need to show they have enough income. The exact amount depends on their family size.

    In most cases, for a family of 4, that would be an income of $37,500 per year. The US sponsor needs to provide proof of income like tax returns, pay stubs, and an Affidavit of Support form. They can also use assets like property, investments, and savings to help meet the requirements.

    If the sponsor can’t meet the minimum income criteria alone, they may use a joint sponsor who is also a US citizen or permanent resident. They also complete Form I-134 and provide evidence of their income and legal status.

    Need help meeting the financial requirements for a K2 Visa? Our experienced immigration lawyers at Total Law can guide you. Call +1 844 290 6312 or contact us online. We’ll review your case and ensure your application checks all the boxes.

    How Do I Apply for The K2 Visa as a Turkish Citizen?

    You can apply for a K2 Visa for your child while you are in the US on your K1 Visa or from outside the country after receiving the visa.

    In either case, you must submit the K2 Visa application form and documents to the US Embassy in Ankara or the US Consulate General in Istanbul.

    The application steps include:

    • Completing the I-129F form by the US citizen
    • Completing the DS-160 form online and bringing the confirmation page to your interview
    • Providing personal information and records about you and your child, including travel history, finances, and criminal background
    • Paying the application fee
    • Attending the medical examination
    • Attending the interview at the embassy or consulate
    • Completing biometrics at your appointment, if applicable

    If you're a Turkish citizen, we can help you obtain a K2 visa to the US. Contact Us

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      What Documents Should I Bring to the Medical Examination?

      All immigrant visa applicants, no matter their age, must have a medical examination. This exam must be done by a doctor or clinic listed in the instructions and approved by the US Embassy. Results from other doctors won’t be accepted.

      It’s your responsibility to set up a medical exam with one of the approved doctors.

      Each K-Visa applicant must bring to the medical exam:

      • Visa interview appointment letter
      • Valid passport
      • DS-260 form confirmation page
      • Copies of immunisation records, if applicable
      • Medical records
      • Names of medicine or medicine boxes, if applicable
      • Glasses, if applicable

      Medical examination fees

      Turkish citizen visa applicants are responsible for paying the examining physician’s office directly for their medical examination and any necessary tests. The standard fee for this medical examination is $270. If further tests are required, such as sputum smears, tuberculosis (TB) tests, drug screening, or pregnancy tests, additional fees may apply.

      Who Can Come to the K2 Visa Interview?

      The following people can accompany the K2 Visa applicant to their interview:

      • Special needs assistant for applicants who are elderly or disabled
      • Interpreter/Translator
      • A parent or legal guardian of the K2 child. This is usually the K1 Visa holder
      • The US citizen petitioner
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      What Documents to Bring to the Interview


      During the K2 Visa interview, you will be asked questions about your family situation, your relation to the US petitioner and your child, travel plans, background etc. Additionally, you must bring these supporting documents to the interview (originals):

      • Receipt for the visa application fee
      • Completed DS-160 form
      • Valid passport
      • Medical exam results
      • 2 coloured passport photos
      • Birth certificate
      • Letter saying you and the petitioner intend to marry (this applies to the fiancé(e) only)
      • Previous passport with a valid US nonimmigrant visa, if applicable
      • Form I-134 Affidavit of Support + evidence
      • Divorce or death certificates for previous spouses (this applies to the fiancé(e) only)
      • If the child is under 14 years old, bring a notarised original power of attorney signed by the petitioner, including passport or national ID numbers
      • If the child is 16 years old or older, the original police certificate from their current country of residence and any previous countries they’ve lived in
      • Military record (for male applicants above 17 only)
      • Proof of relationship (photographs, email messages, phone logs, internet chat logs, travel tickets)
      • Police certificate, from current country and previous countries where applicants have resided for more than 6 months since their 16th birthday
      • Two passport photos

      Total Law is here to help provide support in submitting your application- our legal experts can examine your documents and make sure they are accurate. . We aim to give you confidence so you can look ahead to your future in the US. Call us now on +1 844 290 6312.

      For adopted children

      If your child is adopted, and the immigration application is based on a parent-child relationship, you need to provide the following documents:

      • Original or certified copy of the adoption decree
      • Legal custody decree if custody arrangements were made before the adoption
      • Statement indicating when and where the applicant lived with the adoptive parent(s)
      • If the applicant was adopted at ages 16 or 17, you also need evidence that they were adopted either with or after the adoption of a natural sibling under 16 by the same adoptive parents

      For stepchildren

      If you are the petitioner’s stepchild, you should provide:

      • The original marriage certificate of the petitioner and your biological parent
      • Divorce records for any previous marriages of either parent
      • If the petitioner or the applicant’s natural parent had prior marriages, you must obtain proof of the termination of each of those previous marriages

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        What Are the Fees and Processing Times?

        The cost of obtaining a K2 Visa involves three main fees: the Form I-129F filing fee, the Embassy fee, and the Biometrics fee (if applicable). Here are the current rates for each of these categories:

        • Form I-129F Filing Fee: $535
        • Embassy Fee: $265
        • Biometrics Fee: $85 (only if needed)

        The time it takes to get a KVisa can vary for each applicant. Typically it takes about 6-8 months from submitting the visa application to getting the visa. Exact timing depends on things like:

        • Number of applications being processed
        • Completeness and accuracy of the applicant’s paperwork
        • Whether additional documents are needed
        • Background check/screening requirements

        Common Reasons for K2 Visa Denial

        If your K2 Visa application was denied, there are still options. The most common reasons for denial are providing little evidence or answering interview questions incorrectly.

        However, you can take steps to increase your chances of approval:

        • Make sure all necessary documents are provided, and they are correctly filled out
        • Ensure that your application is comprehensive, with no unanswered questions or missing details
        • Verify that you meet all eligibility requirements for the K2 Visa
        • If you have a criminal record, prepare an explanation and provide the required documents
        • Be ready for any required medical examinations
        • Gather as much evidence as possible demonstrating your genuine relationship with the US citizen

        Our experienced immigration attorneys at Total Law can evaluate the reasons for K2 Visa denial and help you reapply correctly. We have a proven track record of visa approval success. Call +1 844 290 6312 or contact us online to discuss your case.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        Are you a parent hoping to bring your child to the United States from Turkey? The application process for a K2 Visa for your child can be complicated and long. That is why our legal advisors at Total Law are here to provide expert guidance through the entire process.

        We understand the challenges parents face when trying to reunite their family in the US. We know the system and requirements inside out and our attorneys have years of experience successfully helping children immigrate to join their parents legally.

        Our team of experts at Total Law can smoothly handle all the complex legalities and paperwork. From visa applications to financial affidavits to interview preparation, we will be there providing personalised support based on your child’s unique situation. If your child’s application is denied, we will evaluate why and strengthen their case for reapplication.

        To get started, schedule a consultation today by calling +1 844 290 6312 or messaging online. We look forward to helping you and your family.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  No, your eligible children can apply for K2 Visas because of the approval of Form I-129F, which your US citizen submitted for you. However, your fiancé(e) must include your children’s names on the petition.

                  Your minor child can attend school and is authorised to work in the US once they arrive on a valid K2 Visa. However, they must still apply for adjustment of status to permanent resident.