UK High Potential Individual Visa From Ghana

Ghanaians can apply for the High Potential Individual visa to work in the UK for 2 years if they meet the eligibility requirements.

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    An Overview Of The UK High Potential Individual Visa

    With a High Potential Individual (HPI) visa, Ghanaians can work or study in the UK for 2 to 3 years. To be eligible for the HPI visa, you need to prove that you obtained a university degree in an eligible university within the past 5 years. For bachelor, master or postgraduate diploma holders, the visa is valid for 2 years. However, you can stay in the UK for 3 years if you have a doctorate.

    One of the perks of the HPI visa is that you do not need a job offer or the visa sponsorship of a UK employer. You can also enter the UK with your family. Note also that the time spent on this visa does not count towards permanent residency in the UK.

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      Eligibility And Requirements of The High Potential Individual Visa

      Below are the eligibility criteria Ghanaians must meet before applying for a High Potential Individual visa.

      Eligible University

      If you want to apply for an HPI visa, you must prove that you graduated from an eligible university. Note that the university you graduated from must be eligible in the year and month you graduated. For the High Potential Individual visa, USA universities occupy the most space.

      Again, you’ll need to have graduated no earlier than 5 years. For example, if you are looking to apply for the HPI visa in March 2024, the date your degree was awarded should not be earlier than March 2019. It is also necessary to note that UK universities are not eligible.

      Ghanaians who graduated from UK universities can apply for an alternative: the Graduate visa.

      Eligible Qualification

      To apply for the HPI visa, your qualification must be equivalent to a UK bachelor’s, postgraduate or doctorate. If you are applying for the visa, you must get the Ecctis to evaluate your qualification.

      English Language Skills

      Ghanaians who want to apply for the HPI visa must prove that they are proficient in using the English language up to B1 on the CEFR scale. There are many ways to prove you can speak, read and write in English.

      You can:

      • Pass a secure English language test provided by Pearson, LanguageCert, IELTS SELT Consortium or PSI Services (UK) Ltd- Skills for English (UKVI).
      • Show that your degree was taught entirely in English. Again, you’ll have to contact the Ecctis to evaluate your degree and ascertain this.

      Means of Subsistence Requirement

      When applying for the HPI visa, you must prove to the Home Office that you have enough money to pay for your living expenses in the UK. You typically need to show you have a minimum savings of £1,270.

      This money must have been in your account for a minimum of 28 consecutive days. The last day must be within 31 days of visa application. Note that the minimum savings you must show will increase if you add family members to your application.

      Application Restriction

      Ghanaians already on or have had a Graduate visa cannot submit applications for the HPI visa. If you have already applied for the HPI visa once, you cannot apply again. Doctorate Extension Scheme students are not eligible to apply for the HPI visa.

      UK High Potential Individual Visa Application Fees

      Below are the HPI visa costs for Ghanaian citizens:

      • £210 to Ecctis so they can evaluate your degree.
      • £822 as the visa application fee.
      • £1,035 as the healthcare surcharge per year. If you eventually get a healthcare job in the UK, you may be eligible for a refund.
      • £1,270 to prove you have enough money to cater for your living expenses in the UK.

      Required Documents

      You’ll need to present the following documents to apply for the High Individual Potential visa. They prove that you meet the eligibility requirements:

      Valid Passport

      To apply for the HPI visa, you must submit a valid ECOWAS passport for Ghanaians. This passport must not be older than 10 years. It should also have at least 1 blank page to which the visa will be attached.

      Proof of English Language Proficiency

      You’ll need to present a document that shows you meet this requirement. It could be your official test scores from a standardised English Language test provider. You can also submit the English Language Proficiency Statement from Ecctis to show your studies were entirely in English.

      Academic Qualification Level Statement

      To ensure your qualification is on the same level as a UK degree, you must submit an Academic Qualification Level Statement issued by Ecctis.

      Tuberculosis Test Result

      Ghanaians applying for a UK visa must prove they are tuberculosis-free. You’ll need to present a test result issued by any Home Office-approved clinics in Kumasi or Accra.

      Relationship with Dependents

      If you want to move to the UK with your family as your dependents, you must prove that you have a genuine relationship with them. You’ll need to present a marriage certificate to show you are married to your spouse. Then you have to present birth certificates to show you’re indeed the parent of your children.

      Bank Statement

      Submit a bank statement showing you have up to £1,270 as savings in your account. Note that this amount will increase if you are travelling with your family.

      Receipt of Visa Payment

      You must attach proof that you have paid the visa fees when applying for the HPI visa. If the Home Office does not see this proof, your application will not be processed. Remember to pay both the application fee and the healthcare surcharge.

      Confirmation Page Print-out

      You must also print out the confirmation page of your appointment schedule with the visa application centre. This is what admits you to the centre on your appointment day.

      High Potential Individual Visa Application Process

      Here’s how to apply for the High Individual Potential visa:

      Step 1: Check the Validity of Your Qualification

      Before applying for the HPI visa, you’ll need to pay the Ecctis to evaluate your qualifications first. If your qualification is valid, you’ll get the Academic Qualification Level Statement from them.

      Again, if you do not want to write an English language proficiency test, you’ll also need to ask them to write you an English Language Proficiency Statement.

      Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

      Upon receiving the two documents from the Ecctis, you can now gather other documents that can prove your eligibility for the HPI visa. Ensure your documents are up-to-date and legible.

      Step 3: Apply Online

      Visit the Home Office website and apply for the visa online. While applying online, you’ll have to attach your supporting documents. Ensure the details on your supporting documents and those you fill in on the website match to avoid a visa refusal.

      Step 4: Pay Visa Fees

      You must also pay the visa fees while applying for the HPI visa. When you pay, also attach the proof of payment to the portal.

      Step 5: Schedule an Appointment

      After applying online, the next thing is to schedule an appointment with the TLScontact visa application centre in Accra. Take the appointment confirmation page and your passport to your appointment. The officers there will collect your passport, fingerprints and passport photo. Note that the visa application centre may require you to pay a fee for their services.

      Step 6: Wait for Your Visa

      After your appointment, you can wait for the Home Office to decide on your application. Only start making travel plans to the UK when you have received mail from the UKVI confirming that your visa application has been approved.

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        Application Processing Time

        It takes the Home Office 3 weeks to process your application. It could take longer if there is much workload for the Home Office. Again, if there are mistakes in your application, that could delay processing time. To avoid this, enlist our services at Total Law. Our expert immigration caseworkers can help you make an error-free application.

        Extending The Visa

        It is not possible to extend your stay on the HPI visa. You can only switch to another type of visa, like the Skilled Worker visa.

        Benefits And Restrictions Whilst On a UK High Potential Individual Visa


        Ghanaians on the HPI visa are permitted to do the following:

        • Work in many kinds of jobs. 
        • Seek employment upon arrival in the UK.
        • Become self-employed. 
        • Work for a charity organisation. This can be a volunteer or paid position. 
        • Travel to Ghana or elsewhere and come back to the UK. 
        • Study if you don’t need a Student visa for the course. 


        If you are on an HPI visa, you are not permitted to do the following: 

        • Apply for governmental benefits and pension. 
        • Work in the professional field of sports.
        • Renew your visa. 
        • Settle indefinitely in the UK. You cannot move from the HPI visa to permanent resident status in the UK. You have to apply for another visa that offers the route to settlement. 

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          Bringing Dependants

          You can bring your children and partner to the UK as dependents. You’ll need to prove they’re related to you. You can bring your civil partner or spouse, and children under 18 to the UK. Note that each family member must pay the visa fee and healthcare surcharge. You or your partner will also need to cover their living expenses.

          You’ll need:

          • £285 for your spouse or partner.
          • £315 for the first child.
          • £200 for each extra child.

          In addition, each family member 18 and above will pay £1,035 as a healthcare surcharge yearly, while children below 18 will pay £776. Your family members will each need to submit a separate visa application. Their application must have your Unique Application Number (UAN) or Global Web Form (GWF), which will be given to you when you submit your application. They will also need to visit the visa application centre to drop off their passports and have their biometrics captured. Note that your family members can move with you or join you in the UK later.

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