British Citizenship By Birth For Ghanaians

If you want to know if you’re eligible to apply for British citizenship by birth, this guide will help you understand the application process, what documents you need, and the costs.

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    British Citizenship By Birth Eligibility Criteria

    British Citizenship by birth is determined by your parents immigration status in the United Kingdom at the time when you were born. You could qualify if one or both of your parents are Citizens.

    Alternatively, if one of both of your parents was born in the UK before 1983 you might also be eligible for British Citizenship, regardless of your place of birth.

    The process does become more complex if neither of your parents were citizens but were born after 1949. If one parent was born after 1949 but before 1983 they must:

    • Be a British Citizen at the time of your birth.
    • Have a parent (your grandparent) who was born in the UK.

    Moreover, if your parents were married before 1949 and your father’s dad (your grandfather) was born in the UK, you might also be eligible for this.

    In addition to those requirements, you must also be of good character. You can not have any serious offenses such as violence on your criminal record. That said, minor convictions may be OK, if you are able to prove you have been rehabilitated since the crime took place.

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      Requirements For The British Citizenship By Birth Application

      The main requirements to be able to apply for British Citizenship by Birth depends on when you were born and your parents’ immigration status in the UK at the time of your birth.

      If you were born on or after January 1, 1983 you may be eligible if:

      • You’re under 18 and since your birth one of your parents became a British citizen or they have been settled permanently in the UK.
      • You lived in the UK until you were aged 10 years old or older.

      If you were born in the UK before January 1, 1983. You may automatically become a British Citizen. But only if one of your parents was a British citizen or has settled status.

      There are some exceptions to this, such as if you are a child of a Ghanaian diplomat.

      To apply, you also need to be of good character, meaning you don’t have a criminal record (not a serious one). Currently there are no financial requirements. Character references are not always  required depending on your age, but the UK Home Office may request them.

      If you wish, you can check your eligibility using the online assessment tool provided by the UK government. Alternatively, you’ll find more on the current eligibility criteria for Ghanaians and the application process here at the Gov.UK website.

      Documents Required

      To be able to claim British Citizenship by birth, you’ll need to fulfill several key documents, they typically will include your parents’ passports and their UK citizenship documents.

      You will also need:

      • Your original Ghanaian birth certificate.
      • Proof of your residence in the United Kingdom.
      • Your parent’s marriage certificate.
      • If your parents hold a biometric residence permit (BRP,) a copy must be included.
      • Evidence of your good character, such as a police clearance certificate.

      You may also need to provide an affidavit signed by both of your parents, however, this is not a must but it can add credibility to your application. The Home Office may also  request a letter from the hospital where you were born, signed by a doctor.

      Application Fees

      If you wish to obtain British citizenship by birth, it will require you to pay a fee. Typically, it is currently £1,214 per applicant.

      It is also worth mentioning, in some cases, you may be eligible for a waiver of this fee. You must be under the age of 18 and are struggling to pay the fee for the visa.

      Other costs that you’ll need to think about include:

      • Paying for copying your birth certificates, passports etc,
      • Paying for documents that need to be certified or translated.

      British Citizenship By Birth Application Process Step By Step

      The general process to claim British citizenship by descent is as follows:

      Step 1: Gather Your Documents:

      After confirming you are eligible to apply, you’ll need to start preparing your documents including a valid Ghanaian passport, if you have one. Check it has a good amount of validity left before it expires. Also prepare your other documents like:

      • Your Birth Certificate (original or certified copy):
      • Your Parents’ Passports
      • Your Proof of Residence
      • Your Parents’ Marriage Certificate
      • Evidence of Your Good Character

      Step 2: Apply For The Visa Online:

      To register your claim to British Citizenship by descent. It can be done online at the website.

      Make sure you take your time to read it thoroughly and answer the questions accurately. After that, you will need to upload your documents and in the correct format. Double-check everything before moving on.

      Step 3: Submit Your Application:

      Once you’ve completed the online application, you will need to pay the application fee. The current fee is £1,012 per applicant.

      You may also need to attend an appointment to have your documents scanned and provide your biometric information, including your fingerprints and a photograph will be taken.

      Step 4: Wait for a Decision:

      After completing it, the Home Office will process it and inform you of their decision. Even if you have done everything right, it can still take several months to receive this.

      Once it has been processed, the UK Home Office will contact you. If they request further information make sure to be prompt in your reply, so as not to add more time.

      If your application is successful, you might need to attend a citizenship ceremony to complete the process to become a permanent resident here in the United kingdom.

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        Application Processing Time

        The time it can take to process an application for British Citizenship by descent can sometimes vary. Typically, it takes around 6 months from start to finish. However, the things that can influence how long it takes include:

        • The complexity of your case, as more complex cases, like those requiring additional security checks or if your documents need to be verified.
        • It can take longer if the Home Office is experiencing a high volume of applications.

        Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed time when applying to become a British Citizen. If you need more help, here some resources that you’ll find helpful:

        • Visit the UK Visas and Immigration website, for general processing information.
        • Contact UKVI directly to inquire about their current processing times.

        In situations where an application takes much longer, you may want to seek assistance. Consulting with experts who understand immigration law like the team at Total Law, they can offer you guidance. Contact us today at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

        Obtaining The British Passport: The Process

        After you have received your documents confirming your British citizenship by descent. You can apply for a British passport, this will allow you to live in the UK permanently.

        These steps to apply are:

        Step 1: Choose Your Application Method:

        To apply, you have three main options.

        You can either apply online, via post or if you wish, you can book an appointment at your nearest passport office. This way will usually get it done within the same day.

        • To apply online go to the gov.UK website.
        • To apply by post, visit a Post Office. Where they’ll verify your documents and send your application to the passport office, but it does require you to pay a fee.
        • If you opt for the appointment, you’ll need to book it at your nearest passport office, again there will be an additional fee.

        Step 2: Gather Required Documents:

        After deciding which method to use, you’ll need to fulfill the documents; they commonly include your British Citizenship certificate or a copy of it, but it must be certified.

        You will also need to provide:

        • Your original birth or adoption certificate.
        • Two passport photos that meet the current specifications.
        • Any previous valid passports you have, if required.

        If your documents are not in English or Welsh, you will need to provide certified translations.

        Step 3: Prepare to Submit Your Application:

        If you’ve applied online, make sure to carefully follow the instructions, take your time to read the forms thoroughly and answer the questions accurately. After that, you will need to upload your documents, so make sure they are in the correct format.

        If you take your forms to a post office to be checked for accuracy. You’ll need to take a completed passport form, the documents, and you’ll need to pay a fee.

        If you want to go down the appointment route, make sure to attend your appointment on time and have all your documents with you. Be prepared for this, as the passport office staff might ask you questions to verify your identity and eligibility for a UK passport.

        Step 4: Pay the Application Fee:

        The current fee for a first adult British passport is £75.50.

        You’ll pay this at the time when you submit your application.

        Step 5: Wait for Your Passport:

        It typically takes around 3 to 4 weeks to receive your passport. But it can take much longer. If you need your passport faster, consider using the appointment service.

        Once it has been processed, the UK Home Office will post out your passport. If the authorities request further information, make sure to be prompt in your reply.

        If it was rejected they will let you know the reasons why it was and how you can appeal their decision. If this is the case you may want to speak to an immigration law firm like Total.

        How Total Law Team Can Help

        If you’re looking to hold British citizenship you should know that to live in the UK permanently and get yourself a British Passport it is a complicated process to handle by yourself.

        At Total Law, our team of experienced immigration lawyers are well-equipped to guide you through the process of applying for UK citizenship and obtaining a passport. We can ensure you have the best chance of it being approved.

        Our main services include:

        • Assessing your eligibility for British citizenship by birth.
        • Helping you collect the required documents.
        • Reviewing your application forms to ensure accuracy.
        • Representing you in case of any legal disputes or appeals.

        With our in-depth knowledge of UK immigration laws and our commitment to exceptional client service, we can help to maximize your chances of a successful outcome. Contact Total Law at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or visit our website to schedule a one on one consultation.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  There are several routes to British citizenship, which depend on your personal circumstances. These include British citizenship:

                  • By birth
                  • By descent
                  • By naturalization
                  • Through marriage or a civil partnership
                  • Through the five-year route

                  Birthright citizenship was established to make sure those who were born in the UK have automatic citizenship rights, promoting inclusivity and recognizing ties to the country.

                  If a child is born in the UK to foreign parents, the child’s nationality will depend on their parents’ immigration status at the time of their birth.