UK Visa Rejected Due to Bank Statement (Ghana)

Ghanaians applying for a UK visa must present an acceptable bank statement or risk getting a UK visa rejection.

So, how do embassies verify bank statements? If you want to know the answer to this question, including details on how long the statement should cover and bank statement for visa sample, contact us at Total Law today. We can take your calls at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or attend to your messages online.

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    Common Reasons for Visa Rejection Due to Bank Statements

    Your UK visa application from Ghana can be rejected for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that you submitted a bank statement that does not meet the requirements of the Home Office. There could be many reasons your bank account statement was rejected.

    First, it could be that you submitted an inaccurate or forged bank statement. You must ensure that the bank statement you submit is genuine. So, how does UKVI verify bank statements for student visas? The UKVI has a Risk Assessment Unit responsible for discovering the authenticity of the statement you submitted. They will message your bank to find out if your statement is authentic.

    The next step is to ascertain if the funds there are sufficient for the visa you are applying for. Your application will be denied if there are insufficient funds in your account. To avoid this, know the exchange rate between cedis and pounds.

    The Home Office uses a particular web service (Oanda) to check for exchange rates. When you submit your application, use the exchange rates to calculate how much to show in cedis. Remember that the amount must be in your account for 28 days. The 28th day must be within 31 days of your visa application. Again, you must also have access to the funds.

    Discrepancies in transaction history can cause your visa to be denied. If the total debit does not tally with the credit, you may have some explaining to do. Unexplained withdrawals and deposits will also raise suspicion in your bank statements. Getting huge deposits in your account without any explanation may seem like you are trying to make up your account to meet the minimum financial requirements.

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      Steps to Take If Your Visa is Rejected Due to Bank Statement Issues

      If your visa was rejected due to bank statement issues, below are steps you can take:

      Review Rejection Notice

      Typically, when the Home Office rejects a visa application, they state why they rejected it. So, look at the visa rejection notice. What did they point out? You should fix the specific issue before thinking of reapplying for a visa.

      Consult with Visa Rejection Experts

      A visa application is a serious process that takes time and money. If you are unsure of what to do, it is best to enlist the services of experts. If you get rejected after applying, call +44 (0)333 305 9375 or you can message us online. Our expert immigration lawyers will assess your case and tell you what to do next. However, instead of getting a dent in your record with the Home Office, you can contact us at the time of your first application. With our help, you can avoid getting a visa rejection in the first instance.

      Correct Bank Statement Discrepancies

      You should also ensure that your bank statement is balanced. Meet with your bank account officer and ensure the proper documentation of all withdrawals and deposits are accurately presented on the account statement. Also, ensure you use proper narration when making deposits or withdrawals from your bank account. That makes your account statement clear and easy to understand.

      Reapply with the Updated Statement

      After settling the discrepancies in the account statement, you can reapply for the visa with the updated statement. Ensure that the amount in your bank is sufficient for the visa you are applying for.

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      What Are The Alternative Financial Documents?

      You can present:

      • Proof of government grant, scholarship or financial aid, especially if you’re applying for the student visa category
      • Evidence you got a loan from the government, your employer, or a regulated body that issues loans
      • Letter stating that your company will be funding your trip. The company’s bank statement will accompany this letter
      • Letter from your parents attesting that they are funding you. Their bank statement will also accompany this
      • Letter from your partner and their accompanying bank statements. This is only an option if your partner is already in the UK when you’re applying or if they’re applying together with you

      How Can I Prove the Authenticity of My Bank Statement to Avoid Visa Rejection?

      You need to submit a copy directly from the bank to prove that your bank statement is authentic. Your bank statement must be printed on the bank’s letterhead. It should carry the details of your bank and your account. The bank stamp and the signature of the authorising officer further lend credibility to the statement. While this is not compulsory, you can notarise your bank statement to show further that it is genuine.

      How Long Does a UK Visa Rejection Stay on My Record?

      The Home Office deletes case files after 13 months per the current UK immigration rules. However, this is done only if the Home Office cannot store case files securely. The decision to delete or store previous visa rejections lies with the Regional Director.

      How Can Total Law Help?

      A visa refusal can be disheartening, especially after considering the amount of money and time spent on the application. We understand how this feels, so we take time to prepare a visa application form that is almost impossible to refuse.

      Total Law has immigration lawyers who can help you prepare a strong application and give you professional advice. We can assess your bank documents to see if they meet the UKVI criteria, check your eligibility and make your visa application for you. We have done this for many Ghanaians and can do the same for you.

      If you need more information concerning our services or want us to review your UK visa application package, call us today at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

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