France Golden Visa Types

Those who wish to travel to and live in France via an investment can do so in one of three ways. These visas enable applicants to apply to investor programs in the country and eventually have the potential to acquire permanent residency in France and sometimes even citizenship.

However, these visas are not easy to acquire and require specific documentation and investment types. This is why having legal assistance can be beneficial. Here at Total Law, we can help you obtain your visa. Contact us at +1 844 290 6312 or send a message online, today to get started.

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    Is There A France Golden Visa?

    France has three primary visa programs for investors; they are targeted at attracting talented or entrepreneurial individuals who are looking to live in France.

    There are three main options, including the following:

    • The Talent Passport Visa through Business Investment
    • The Talent Passport Visa is available through Business Start-Up or Creation
    • The Financially Independent Person Visa

    These visa programs are typically called Golden Visas or, sometimes, Investor Visas. They open up pathways to permanent residence or, in some cases, citizenship opportunities.

    However, there is no French Golden Visa program like the ones that can be obtained in Spain or Portugal. Yet, France does offer the above programs where an individual can acquire citizenship via investments.

    These are often the simplest and fastest ways to obtain French residency and French citizenship. In some cases, these programs can grant an applicant full residency status in only three months, much like a Golden Visa would, but even faster.

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    Passport Talent In France

    France offers a unique visa for those who wish to engage in start-ups or as entrepreneurs in the country. The terms and conditions of this visa are much better in France in comparison to how they are in other EU countries.

    Those who wish to start a business or take control of one need to be able to invest a minimum of €30,000 into the intangible or tangible assets of the company. Alternatively, if the company is technologically innovative, the minimum is brought down to around €20,000.

    Additionally, should an individual seek to take this route, they will also need to keep in mind the other conditions, including:

    • The company needs to be artisanal, commercial, or industrial
    • The applicant needs to have qualifications equivalent to a master’s degree, or they need to prove that they have a minimum of five years’ worth of professional experience at a level equivalent to that of a master’s degree

    This visa was introduced in France to help foreign employees and those who are self-employed to aid in the development of France’s economic appeal.

    The France Passport Talent Card is a long-stay visa that enables individuals to stay in France and remain for up to a year. Applicants can engage in paid activities, most importantly in competitive environments, as global talents.

    Once this visa type is acquired, its holders are then eligible to apply for a card that is similar to a residence permit in France. This card will enable the individual to remain in France for up to four years.

    This is a visa that is granted to individuals who are most likely to make significant or lasting contributions to the French economy through their skills or talents.

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      The Requirements Of The French Passport Talent Visa


      The Passport Talent visa is long-term, functioning as a residence permit that can be renewed for up to four years It enables those who apply, and in some cases, their families, to work and live in France. However, to apply for this visa, the applicant has to be a foreigner. This means that those who are from the European Union or Algeria do not need to apply.

      However, those who are from overseas will need to apply at their local French consulate in France. To apply, applicants need to provide basic documents, such as:

      • An original long-stay visa or residence permit
      • Their passport
      • The applicant’s birth certificate was translated by a licensed French translator
      • The applicant’s wedding certificate if they are married. (This will also need to be translated.)
      • The applicant’s children’s birth certificates, if applicable. (This will also require translation.)
      • Proof of the applicant’s address
      • Three forms of photographic ID
      • The application will differ according to the applicant’s activity
      • Official documentation as related to the activity of the individual

      An additional requirement is the €269 fee for the final card.

      Who Can Obtain This Visa?

      The Passport talent visa that can lead to French citizenship is granted to those who are most likely to make a significant or lasting contribution to the country through their talents and skills.

      However, those who can apply depend on the specific type of passport talent that is acquired.

      Requirements For Those Working For Young Innovative Companies

      A person working for a young, innovative company will be eligible if their employment contract exceeds three months and the applicant’s job is linked to project development and company research.

      The individual’s income also needs to be at least twice the minimum wage in France for full-time employment. This requires a gross salary of at least €36,506 per year.

      This will additionally require company documents such as the work contract of the individual as well as their application form.

      Requirements For Highly Qualified Employees

      Those who hold a qualification that demonstrates at least three years of higher education and/or have a minimum of five years worth of comparable professional experience must also have a year-long work contract as well as a gross salary that exceeds €53,836 per year.

      The documents required for this type of Passport Talent visa on top of the basic documents, will include documents from the employer, the work contract, and an additional application form.

      Requirements For Qualified Employees On A Mission

      Those who are employed for a minimum of three months by their employer, who are members of an international group of companies, and who have been requested to carry out a mission in a French company of the same group are eligible for this Passport Talent visa.

      Additionally, the individual needs to be employed with this company under a French employment contract for at least three months, making a gross salary of €32,900 per year. This visa requires documents from the employer, the employment contract, the unique application form, and the aforementioned basic documents.

      Requirements For Qualified Employees With French Higher Education

      Those who have passed a bachelor’s degree, a Master of Science degree, a specialized Master’s degree, or an equivalent in France will be eligible for this visa type. However, they must also have a work contract lasting three months or more and a gross salary of €36,509 or higher.

      Additional documents must be provided by the employer, including diplomas, the work contract, and the relevant application form.

      Requirements For Those Employed By Public Or Private Research Organizations/Higher Education

      Those who are involved in research or higher education teaching missions within a hosting agreement that has a duration no longer than four years must have a degree equivalent to a Master’s degree to be eligible.

      Basic documents, copies of diplomas, and a signed agreement by the prefer are required for this.

      Requirements For Creating Or Taking Control Of Business In France

      The applicant must have a genuine and serious business project in France. However, an acquisition of a stake may also be regarded as a business creation project, depending on the characteristics and nature of the said project.

      The applicant must also invest a minimum amount of €30,000 in the project and have a Master’s degree or equivalent, while also providing five years of professional experience.

      Proof will be required for the project and investment, as well as the applicant’s diploma and proof that the applicant is making at least the minimum wage in France.

      Requirements For Those Engaging Innovative Economic Projects

      Those who can justify an innovative economic project, as recognized by the French public agency, will need to show documents that establish the innovative nature of this project. Proof must also be provided regarding the duration of the project as well as its recognition by a public body; there needs to be proof regarding salary, at least towards the French minimum wage.

      Requirements For Direct Economic Investment

      Those who invest in French companies that either personally run or run via a company or hold a 30% minimum share of capital can apply through this route. The applicant does have to express plans to create or save jobs in the four years following this investment, and this investment must be at least €300,000.

      All justifications and a commitment letter must be provided, as well as proof of at least a minimum wage salary.

      Requirements For Taking Up Position As A Corporate Officer In A French Company

      To be eligible, the applicant must hold a mandate that enables them to act as a legal representative for a French company. The individual must also have been working for the company for a minimum of three months as an employee or corporate officer.

      Proof must be shown of an income of €54,763.80 or more. Documents proving the individual is a trustee of the company also need to be provided.

      Requirements For Performers, Artists & Writers

      Those who are singers or performers, authors of artistic or literary work, self-employed, or employed will need to earn a gross minimum monthly salary of €1,064.85. The applicant also needs to have all documents available that justify their position, and if employed by a French company, this will require a specific application form.

      Requirements To Engage In Activity Linked To National/International Reputation

      Those who intend to engage in activity related to science, arts, literature, education, academics, or sports for a stay exceeding three months are eligible.

      Applicants must prove they have sufficient finances equivalent to the minimum wage in France. They must also be able to provide documents that explain their reputation in their domain, as well as recognition in said professional environment, as well as the nature, duration, and purpose of the project in France.

      France Passport Talent For Investors

      An additional way for individuals to be able to invest in France to be able to acquire permanent residency is the ‘economic investment route’. This type of investment needs to provide the individual with lasting interest and commitment to the country and the company.

      Investments in this field can include the following:

      • Investments in social capital
      • Reinvested earnings
      • Inter-affiliate loans

      France Passport Talent For Innovative Economic Project

      It is possible to start a justifiable economic project in the country. However, to do this, this economic project must first be recognized by a public body, and the applicant needs to be able to prove its recognition through documentary evidence.

      It is also a requirement that the applicant provide proof that they have sufficient funds to be able to carry out this project. This funding must equal a wage for the individual that is equal to the minimum wage available in France.

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        Company Representative: France Passport Talent

        It is also possible for applicants to become employees of a corporate company in France; this can be done in exchange for a ‘Passport Talent’ residency permit. That being said, this option is only available to those who meet the following criteria:

        • The applicant must have worked as an employee in an equivalent company in a different country for at least three months.
        • The applicant needs to hold a mandate that shows they can act as a legal representative in the country of France.
        • The applicant needs to be earning at least three times the French minimum wage from this role.
        • The applicant needs to be able to provide proof in the form of documentation to prove all of the above. This must include the mandate and the wage that they will be receiving.

        France Passport Talent Person With A National or International reputation

        The passport talent for a person who has a national or international reputation is a visa type that is available to individuals who intend on carrying out work in France in the following areas:

        • Science
        • Literature
        • Arts
        • Education
        • Academic Study
        • Sports

        As well as carrying out work in these areas, the individual must also have a reputation for doing this.

        As well as these requirements, there are certain conditions in place for obtaining this type of visa, including the following:

        • The applicant must have sufficient funding that is equal to at least the French minimum wage.
        • The applicant must be able to provide proof in the form of documentation that shows the recognition they have in their professional role. This should outline the nature of their activities in France, as well as their financial stability.
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        The Application Process Of The France Passport Talent Visa

        To apply for a Passport Talent Visa in France, the applicant will need to do the following:

        1. Collect the required documents for your application. Depending on the type of Passport Talent Visa you are applying for, this will be different.
        2. Submit the relevant documentation. Those who are in France need to submit to the relevant government office nearest to their location with confirmation of their legal status. Those who apply from outside of France need to do so at their local French Embassy or Consulate. These will need to be submitted no later than 180 days before their arrival.
        3. Wait for approval and obtain your visa.
        4. Once the application is approved, the applicant receives their temporary visa. The applicant will need to visit France if they are not already there to request their residence permit online. All of these are validated, and issues are online. Should the applicant be successful, they will be granted a certificate of approval to collect their official residence permit.
        5. This visa is renewable as long as the individual carries on their activity in France. After residing in France for ten years, the applicant will become eligible for French citizenship. This is on the condition that they continue to meet the visa conditions.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        These investment visas, also known as the France Golden Visa Program, are the easiest way to obtain French residency and potentially obtain French nationality. Residency and citizenship by investment in France are fairly easy, but with so many different routes, it can be challenging to know which is best for you.

        Speaking to a legal advisor or lawyer before applying can be beneficial when working through one of these types of visa applications. A legal advisor can also aid with acquiring French citizenship after 10 years in the country and can assist with getting your family members to France with you.

        Here at Total Law, our team is made up of legal experts in immigration law. We can help you with any stage of the process or simply advise on how this works. Give us a call today at +1 844 290 6312 or message us online to get started.

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