France Investor Visa

Choosing to invest in France opens up not just economic benefits but also a rich cultural experience. Total Law is a beacon of guidance and assistance for those seeking the France Investor Visa, enabling knowledge to negotiate the various immigration procedures.

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    What Are The Requirements & Eligibility Of The France Investor Visa?

    Foreign investors who want to set up shop in France for a planned investment can apply for a Talent Passport in the category ‘Business Investor.’ This designation applies when the investor makes a direct investment via one of the following methods:

    1. Personally;
    2. Via a company they control; or
    3. Via a company in which they hold a minimum of a 30% shareholding.

    Investors must meet the following cumulative criteria to qualify for this Talent Passport:

    Job Creation or Protection

    Within four years of the investment, the investor must create or protect jobs. This commitment emphasises the investor’s actions’ contribution to employment growth or stability.

    Minimum Investment

    The investor must invest or pledge to investing at least €300,000 in fixed tangible or intangible assets. This financial commitment demonstrates the investor’s commitment to economic development.

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      French Investor Visa Application Fees

      When the permit is approved, foreign investors must pay a fee of €200 to the French Immigration and Citizenship Office. A stamp duty of €25 is also levied on residency permits in addition to this tax. In addition to the €225 administrative fee, the long-stay visa that allows admission into France costs €99.

      The cost of getting a France Investor Visa varies depending on which consulate or embassy the application is submitted to. Different diplomatic offices may have different price arrangements, therefore applicants should thoroughly investigate the exact rates relevant to their desired location.

      In addition to the main visa expenses, applicants should be aware of any additional fees, particularly those related to biometric data collecting. Biometric data, such as fingerprints and pictures, is always requested for visa applications, and a supplementary price may be charged.

      When preparing for a France Investor Visa application, effective planning and budgeting are essential. Investors must account not just for visa fees and other charges, but also for accommodation and travel costs.

      Total Law, with its specialised knowledge, can provide invaluable assistance in guiding investors through these financial considerations, fostering a seamless journey towards obtaining the France Investor Visa.

      Obtaining a France Investor Visa: Step By Step Application Process

      The application for a France Investor Visa entails several precise processes, each of which is critical for a good end. The procedure should be initiated no earlier than three months before the date of arrival in France. A complete guide is provided below:

      1. Initial Consultation

      Begin by seeking personalised advice from Total Law. This initial step entails discussing the investor’s objectives, defining the nature of the anticipated investment, and determining the best form of visa.

      Total Law can offer insight into the specific criteria based on the investor’s particular circumstances.

      2. Documentation Gathering

      To apply for a long-stay visa, the applicant must fill out and sign the visa application form, which must be supported by an acknowledgment from France-Visas.

      A valid passport issued within the last ten years is also necessary, with an expiration date at least three months after the visa expiry date. In addition, three recent standardised passport pictures must be presented.

      Furthermore, the applicant must present paperwork demonstrating their commercial engagement, such as evidence of personally running a company or holding a 30% interest in a company they manage.

      The application should include papers demonstrating job creation or job protection within four years of investment in France, as well as a letter of commitment outlining the job development plan and investment details.

      Finally, proof of a direct investment or a commitment to invest a minimum of €300,000 in fixed tangible or intangible assets in France over a four-year period is required.

      3. Application Submission

      Total Law can oversee the rigorous procedure of submitting the France Investor Visa application. The staff ensures correct completion of application forms by beginning with a thorough evaluation of all relevant papers, including validation of the minimum investment and accuracy of business ideas. Total Law assists investors in paying visa costs and any additional payments for biometric data collecting, allowing for a smooth submission to the specified consulate or embassy.

      4. Waiting For Approval

      Following the submission of the application, there is usually a waiting time of about 3-4 months during which the authorities analyse the paperwork and determine the investor’s eligibility. During this time, it is critical for investors to be accessible and responsive to any communication from the consulate or embassy. Between the application and the delivery of the residence permit, the applicant can access his or her online account to check the status of his or her application, respond to any requests to complete his or her file, and review the decisions taken.

      5. Visa Approval and Entry to France

      Once the Prefecture validates the application through the platform, the applicant will receive a certificate of approval, which will be equal to a French residence permit until the talent goes to the Prefecture appointment to obtain the definitive residence permit.

      With an authorised visa in hand, the investor is free to enter France and begin their investing trip. Total Law’s assistance extends beyond papers during this critical shift, providing vital insights into French business practises, legal duties, and any additional measures required for a smooth integration into France’s vibrant commercial scene.

      The Processing Time For The visa application

      The processing period for a France Investor Visa application might vary depending on a number of factors, including the consulate or embassy handling the application, the amount of applications submitted, and any additional security checks that may be required.

      The processing time for a French Investor visa application is normally 45 days. Upon approval of the application, the applicant and dependents are issued a 12-months long stay visa in France.

      Extending / Renewing The France Investor Visa

      When investors decide to stay in France beyond the initial period of their visa, they must go through the renewal process, which is a critical step that requires careful planning.

      To ensure a smooth transition and minimise potential delays to their continued activities in France, it is recommended that the renewal application be submitted at least two months before the existing visa expires.

      Investors compile a complete set of documentation as part of the renewal application, guided by experienced immigration advisors.

      These records provide proof of the success of their initial investment and are critical in establishing continued compliance with visa rules.

      This evidence, in addition to highlighting accomplishments, emphasises the investor’s commitment to making a beneficial and long-term contribution to the French economy.

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        Validity Period of The France Investor Visa

        Initial Duration of Stay

        The initial duration of stay granted by the France Investor Visa, set at one year, serves as a crucial period for investors to actively engage in their planned investments and establish a foothold in the French business landscape.

        During this pivotal year, investors can oversee the implementation of their investment strategies, contribute to economic growth, and acclimate to the local environment.

        Renewal of Visas

        Applications for France’s Renewal Investor Visa applications must be submitted on the designated website three months before the expiration of the residence visa. Investors must show evidence proving their continued compliance with the conditions for permission approval.

        The visa can be renewed for up to four years if the investment is executed successfully and sustainably. In the case of continuous investment, the investor must show documents proving the continuation of the investment, including agreed sums and the preservation or creation of jobs.

        Investors must present documents explaining a new project in the territory for completed investment projects. Total Law assists investors in navigating the renewal process, assuring timely submission and sufficient documentation to promote the long-term success of their ventures.

        Permanent Residence

        After five years of continuous residency in France under the France Investor Visa, investors are eligible to apply for permanent residence, demonstrating their long-term commitment to the country.

        This shift not only implies a change in legal status, but also a deeper incorporation into France’s social and cultural fabric. It enables investors to strengthen their ties within the community, contributing to the country’s cultural diversity and economic vitality.

        This time of eligibility for permanent residence allows investors to create a more permanent presence in France, encouraging a sense of belonging and security in their investments.

        Can I Change Status with France Investor Visa?

        The France Investor Visa programme facilitates temporary residence for overseas investors. While the investor visa is normally intended to be temporary, persons may choose to progress to more permanent statuses within the French immigration framework.

        To transition from an investor visa to permanent residence, candidates must typically follow the terms of their initial investment, meet residency requirements, and maybe demonstrate integration into French society. The path to permanent residency can differ, requiring a detailed analysis of the most recent immigration legislation.

        Alternatively, for those considering a career change, obtaining a job offer from a French business is critical. This procedure comprises adhering to the French immigration authorities’ expertise and qualification criteria.

        The potential employer is frequently a significant role in this transfer, supporting the requisite sponsorship for a work visa. Individuals must be aware of the precise circumstances mentioned for this status change to ensure compliance with employment legislation and visa requirements.

        While France does not offer a specific retiree visa programme, persons interested in retiring in the nation can look into other visa categories or undergo the usual immigration procedures. This usually entails establishing financial stability and the ability to support oneself without relying on government assistance.

        For people seeking citizenship, the path frequently includes moving from temporary to permanent residency, satisfying language competence requirements, and demonstrating a willingness to assimilate into French society.

        Staying up to date on changing immigration regulations and receiving legal advice are critical to effectively navigating these complex processes and ensuring a smooth transfer between statuses in France.

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        The Requirements of Taking Family With You

        The France Investor Visa not only covers the investor but also allows them to bring their immediate family to France.

        This includes the investor’s spouse and dependent children, encouraging familial togetherness throughout the financial partnership. To facilitate this, family members must apply for a visa designed particularly for accompanying family members of the investor.

        This ensures that when you go through the immigration procedure, the government understands and supports your wish to keep your family together. This matches your desire for a comprehensive and connected experience in France.

        If your family wants to come join you in France, they need to follow a special set of paperwork rules for immigration. It’s important to have documents like marriage or birth certificates to show your family connections. This helps speed up the application process. Your family also might need to show they have enough money and health insurance for themselves.

        With Total Law’s Immigration know-how, they can guide your family and you through these rules, making the whole process easy and well-documented for everyone to move to France together.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        Whether you’re considering immigrating to France, family integration, seeking status changes, or eyeing long-term residency, Total Law provides comprehensive support. With a focus on transparency and effective communication, we keep you informed throughout the process, addressing queries promptly.

        Your path to success in France starts with Total Law – your trusted advisor and advocate. Call us today at +1 844 290 6312 or leave a message online, to get in touch with our team.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  A minimum investment of €300,000 is required for the investor visa, facilitating permanent residency after five years.

                  Purchasing property alone doesn’t guarantee residency; however, it contributes to eligibility, especially through investor visa programs.

                  France doesn’t have citizenship by investment; investors can apply for permanent residency after five years.

                  France lacks a specific minimum income requirement for residency, focusing on visa program criteria like the investor visa.

                  Yes, the investor visa allows flexibility for status changes, such as transitioning to permanent residence, employee, retiree, or citizen.