France Tech Visa

The French Tech Visa provides a streamlined immigration pathway for tech professionals, founders and investors looking to work and establish themselves in France. Here is information on the requirements to apply for the talent visa for working in France.

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    What Is The French Tech Visa?

    The French Tech visa offers an opportunity for individuals in the technology industry from around the world to live and work in France. The program simplifies the process aiming to boost France’s reputation as a leading hub for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

    It provides a pathway for companies, entrepreneurs, investors and skilled tech professionals from abroad to establish ventures, develop careers and explore opportunities within France’s tech community. The program is structured into three categories:

    • French Tech Visa for Founders: For international startup founders selected by partner incubators in France. Provides a 4-year talent passport.
    • French Tech Visa for Employees: For talent recruited by French based tech companies that are recognized by the government.
    • French Tech Visa for Investors: Tailored for investors looking to operate in the French tech ecosystem.

    Key Benefits and Advantages

    • Renewable resident status without needing sponsorship
    • Work rights and ability to change employers
    • Time to establish in France through multi-year validity
    • Healthcare access and social benefits
    • Family privileges and visas for dependents
    • Travel access across EU member states
    • Pathway to permanent residency in France.
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      What Is The France Tech Visa For Employees?

      The French Tech Visa for employees is a program that enables companies in France to recruit talented non-European individuals to come and work in the tech industry.

      However, in order for these companies to provide the visa, also known as the “Talent Passport”, they must be recognized by the French government, specifically by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. In addition, they must be able to offer job opportunities related to their companies R&D initiatives or contribute to economic, social, international and environmental progress.

      Purpose of the Visa

      • Allows recruited international talent to obtain a multi-year “Talent Passport” residence permit to work for technology companies in France.
      • Helps innovative French companies attract and retain qualified foreign professionals whose skills contribute to the company’s innovation capacity and development.
      • The tech visa provides a maximum 4-year renewable residence permit.

      Eligibility Requirements

      If you want to apply for the France Tech Visa for employees, your company must meet the following requirements.

      • Company is recognized as innovative by the French Ministry of Economy.
      • Salary must be 2x the statutory national minimum wage (currently €41,933).
      • Employment contract offer is for at least three months (indefinite or fixed-term)
      • Role is related to R&D or business development.

      What Documentation is Needed?

      During the France Tech visa application process, the employee will be required to submit some documents to prove their eligibility. However, these documents will depend on if you are applying from abroad or already in France. But some key documents include:

      • Long-Stay Visa Application Form (CERFA n°14571*05)
      • France-Visas Receipt
      • Valid Passport (valid for less than 10 years)
      • Three recent passport-sized photos
      • Employment Contract (indefinite or minimum 3 months)
      • Financial documents
      • Qualifications and Experience

      Next Steps after Applying

      Once submitted, the consulate will evaluate the visa. If approved, a multi-year talent passport is issued. It will allow the employee to work for the tech company and reside in France.

      The Talent Passport for Graduates

      Graduates looking to live and work for a technology company in France can apply for the Talent Passport visa. It is designed to welcome individuals with education qualifications in the tech industry and offers a four year residence permit.

      This visa provides a pathway for securing a four-year residence permit, allowing graduates to contribute to the vibrant technology workforce in France.

      Requirements for Graduates

      If residing outside the European Union and wish to pursue a career in the French tech industry. You will need to apply for a residence permit. In order to do so, you will need to have the following documents:

      • Valid passport (valid for less than 10 years)
      • Proof of qualifications
      • Proof of financial means
      • Proof of accommodation

      How to Apply for a Resident Permit

      To apply for a resident visa to live and work in France, you must contact the consulate in your home country and complete an application form.

      Additionally you’ll need to submit the required documents, which include proof of your qualifications, such as diplomas, as evidence of your professional experience or expertise in the relevant field.

      Once you’ve submitted the application form, the authorities will review it to ensure it meets the criteria. If approved, you’ll receive a talent passport visa that allows you to reside and work in France for the duration specified on the resident visa.

      Cost of the Residence Permit

      The total cost of obtaining a residence permit are as follows:

      • French Immigration and Citizenship Office: €200.00
      • Stamp duty: €25.00
      • Entry into France: €99.00.

      What Is The Founder Tech Visa In France?

      The France Tech visa for founders is a program that aims to invite entrepreneurs and start ups to come and establish their businesses in the French tech industry. It is for those chosen by partner incubators and accelerators in France. These organizations provide assistance to start ups by offering guidance and support in growing their technology based ventures.

      Purpose of French Tech Visa for Founders

      • Provides a fast-track residency option for international start-ups
      • Aims to attract foreign entrepreneurial talent to France
      • Offers a renewable 4-year “Talent Passport” residence permit
      • Grants full work and residency rights to founders and family members

      Eligibility Requirements

      If you want to apply for the visa for founders, your innovative business project idea must meet the following requirements:

      • Need to present an innovative tech business idea with strong potential
      • Have funds available of approximately €18,000 to support the startup business
      • The founder must be selected by partner incubators or accelerator
      • Submit a long-stay visa application marked “Talent Passport
      • If the length of stay is less than one year, applicants must apply for a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit (VLS-TS)

      What Documentation is Needed?

      During the France Tech visa for founders application process, the founder of the start up venture must submit specific documentation as evidence to prove eligibility, which includes:

      • Valid passport (valid for less than 10 years)
      • Proof of business ownership
      • Prepare financial statements
      • Detailed business plan
      • Company registration documents

      How To Extend Or Renew The France Tech Visa

      If you want to spend time living and working in France, you can apply for an extension or renewal of your tech visa. However, this is only possible if your circumstances remain the same as when you first applied for the talent passport visa.

      To renew or extend the visa you must follow these steps

      • Start renewal process 2-3 months before expiration
      • Ensure they still meet the eligibility criteria
      • Submit renewal application with updated documents
      • Get a new resident card with extended validity
      • Paying €225 administrative costs

      Eligible French Tech Visa Jobs in the Industry

      • Information Technology – software developers, data scientists, UI/UX designers
      • Engineering – electrical, mechanical, chemical, aerospace
      • Automotive – autonomous systems, EV development
      • Biotech – bioinformatics, biomedical engineering
      • Electronics – embedded systems, IoT, sensors
      • Telecom – 5G and wireless tech, network infrastructure
      • Renewable Energy – solar, wind, hydrogen tech
      • Quantum Computing – programming, physics, materials science
      • Robotics – AI, machine learning, computer vision

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        What are the Benefits for Employees and Founders Under French Tech Visa?

        For Employees

        Employees can reap benefits from the French Tech visa, making it an appealing choice, especially for those seeking opportunities to work in the thriving tech industry of France.

        • Job Mobility: With the tech visa, employees enjoy the freedom to switch jobs within the tech sector without having to go through the hassle of reapplying for a visa.
        • Family Benefits: This visa extends its advantages to family members. It allows them to join employees in France with access to work opportunities, healthcare facilities, and educational provisions.

        For Founders

        Entrepreneurs aiming to establish or expand their tech startups can find advantages through the French Tech Visa program.

        • Residency Rights: This program grants founders long term residency rights, providing them with peace of mind as they focus on growing their businesses.
        • Access to Funding: By being based in France, founders gain access to a range of funding opportunities and support programs tailored for tech start-ups.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        For optimal processing of your France Tech Visa application, it is recommended that you contact immigration specialists. Our expert team has a deep understanding of the French visa and immigration system, and have particular expertise in helping US citizens navigate the system.

        We are passionate about helping US citizens enter France legally. If you want to apply, we can help you through immigration services that include:

        • Evaluating your eligibility for the France Tech Visa
        • Assisting in compiling necessary evidence and documents
        • Completing and submitting your application for higher success chances
        • Providing regular updates on your application status
        • Acting as intermediaries with French immigration authorities

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  The French Tech visa is accessible to foreign tech talent looking to relocate to France and work in the technology industry, including start-up founders, employees, employers, and investors.

                  The French Tech visa for employees provides technology companies with access to highly-skilled global talent to fill critical skill gaps. The fast 3-week visa processing timeframes allow companies to quickly hire international employees.

                  The multi-year visa validity also supports better talent retention. By facilitating the recruitment of foreign professionals with niche expertise, the visa enhances the overall capabilities and competitiveness of French tech companies by driving innovation, and expanding their reach.

                  Yes, employees need to demonstrate their expertise in specific technology-related fields and secure a job offer from an eligible French company. Or they need to meet certain criteria as highly skilled employees or technical experts.

                  You should begin the France Tech Visa application three months before you intend to arrive in France to allow time for document collection, submission, approval and scheduling of your visa appointment.

                  Yes, the French Tech visa holder is able to bring their spouse/partner and dependent children under 18 to France. As family members, they will obtain resident permits, enabling them to reside and work in France for the duration matching that of the visa holder.