France Tourist Visa From UAE

France is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, with over 90 million travelling there each year. Many nationalities, including citizens of the United Arab Emirates, require a French Tourist visa to do so.

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    What is the Tourist Visa?

    The Tourist visa is the best French visa for UAE citizens who want to travel to France for purely touristic purposes. It allows you to remain in the country for less than three months within a 180-day period. Stays longer than this will require you to apply for a long-stay Visitor visa.

    On a French Tourist visa, you will also usually be able to travel into any of the Schengen area countries. The neighbouring Germany and Italy are particularly popular destinations. This privilege is always present on the visa unless it has been specifically marked as a Limited Territorial Validity visa.

    To learn more about the Tourist visa for citizens of the UAE, please read this article.

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    Tourist Visa Application


    As a UAE citizen, you will need to complete your application at the visa application centre located in Abu Dhabi. This is an appointment-only centre. It will then be processed by the Consular section in Abu Dhabi.

    To complete your visa application, you will have to follow the steps below:

    1. Complete the application form.
    2. Compile your documentation.
    3. Attend Your Appointment.

    You can read the sections below to discover more about each section.

    Complete the Application Form

    You can get hold of the application form online, or you can collect one at the French embassy or request one to be emailed to you. The application form will ask for your personal information and for details on your planned travels.

    Please note that the information provided on this form must be truthful and in line with the information shown in the rest of your application and at your appointment. Any discrepancies could result in your application being rejected, and giving fraudulent information could stand against you in future applications for visas in the Schengen area.

    Compile Your Documentation

    Having completed your application form, you will then need to compile the required documents. The basic documentation you will need includes the following:

    • A signed and completed application form.
    • Two passport-style photos that fit Schengen area standards. These must be no older than three months.
    • A valid passport. This must be less than ten years old and be valid for a minimum of three months longer than your planned stay in France.
    • Copies of other visas that you have held for other nations.
    • Proof of travel medical insurance, which covers at least 30,000 euros of costs and includes repatriation expenses. This must be valid throughout the Schengen area.
    • A copy of your criminal record and evidence you have no open case crime involvement.
    • A receipt of payment for the visa fee.
    • A detailed travel itinerary, including proof of accommodation and transport in and out of the Schengen area.
    • Proof that you have enough money to support your trip, such as a bank statement issued in the last three days.

    Please note that this list is not exhaustive. The immigration authorities have the right to require additional documentation or information from you at any point during the application process.

    Attend Your Appointment

    Every applicant for a French Tourist visa over the age of 12 needs to attend an interview at the French embassy. You can book this appointment online or in person. Make sure that you have paid the visa fee in full before you attend the appointment.

    On the day of the appointment, make sure that you attend on time. Arriving late could result in an appointment cancellation.

    At the interview, you will need to hand in all of the required documents and answer questions about your application. This usually lasts about 10 minutes. The immigration officer will ask you questions about your application and your previous travels to France and the Schengen area.

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      Visa Fee and Processing Time

      The standard fee is 80 euros. You will be allowed to pay this in euros or in United Arab Emirates Dirham at an exchange rate provided by the French embassy.

      You can usually expect to wait a maximum of 15 days for your visa application to be processed, and you will be able to collect your passport. However, there is a degree of variation to this. Firstly, if the Abu Dhabi visa processing centre is experiencing a backlog, they will take longer to get to your application. Secondly, issues with your application can cause delays while the immigration authorities investigate the discrepancies.

      Common Reasons for Rejection of a French Tourist Visa


      Visa rejection can spell the end of your plans to travel to France. The reasons listed below are issues with your application, which you can resolve easily by resubmitting your application after dealing with the problems, although the extra time this takes may force you to re-schedule your travels:

      • Your application form has been completed incorrectly, making the purpose of your travel unclear.
      • You have submitted outdated or invalid documentation.
      • You failed to prove you will have enough money to support yourself.
      • You applied for the visa too close to your departure date.
      • Your travel insurance coverage is not comprehensive enough.
      • Your travel itinerary lacks detail.
      • Your passport is damaged or invalid.

      Alternatively, the issues listed below are much more serious, and you are unlikely to be successful if any of the following applies to your case:

      • The immigration authorities are concerned you will not return to the UAE.
      • You have previously overstayed while in the Schengen area or have broken other visa rules.
      • You are considered a health or security threat to France and the European Union.

      Appealing a Rejected Visa Application

      There are several types of appeals that you can make in an attempt to overturn a French visa rejection. This includes the following, listed in order:

      • Filing an informal appeal including your personal information and proof that the reason for the decline is invalid.
      • Making an appeal to the Appeals Commission in person or via a legal representative.
      • Appealing to an Administrative Court. This stage requires extensive knowledge of the French legal system, so a lawyer will be required.

      Therefore, it is possible to successfully appeal a rejection, turning it into an acceptance. However, this can be an expensive, stressful, and time-consuming process. Considering the low application fee, it may be better to simply re-apply, having dealt with any issues raised in your notification of rejection.

      How Can Total Law Help?

      Getting a French Tourist visa is essential to realise your dream of visiting France. The 90-day maximum stay time is ideal, giving you the chance to explore a huge amount of the country and as much of the Schengen area as you would like. However, it has a fairly challenging application process that requires you to compile many documents and represent yourself well at the interview.

      Total Law has helped many applicants to successfully apply for visas across the Schengen area. We can help you to compile all the necessary documents and prepare for the interview. Then, we can use our connections with the French immigration authorities to keep you updated on your application’s progress.

      If you decide to get help at any point during the French Tourist visa application process, please contact Total Law at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or visit us online.

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                With a French Tourist visa, you can partially extend it, but there is a firm boundary. You cannot have been in the Schengen area for longer than 90 days within a 180-day period.

                If you reach this limit, you will have to investigate another visa that will allow you to continue to remain in France, such as a Visitor visa.

                On top of the standard requirements, children travelling to France from the UAE have a number of additional requirements. These include the following:

                • The minor’s birth certificate.
                • An application form signed by the parent or parents.
                • A family court order if only one parent signs the application, proving that the parent has full custody over the child.
                • The ID or passport of the parent or parents.
                • A notarised and signed parent authorisation if the child will be travelling alone.

                Please note that it is also expected that parents will accompany their children when they go to the French visa application centre to make their application.

                If you are travelling to France to visit friends and family, you will often need to accommodate additional requirements, such as an invitation letter from your host.

                Furthermore, the host must also arrange for an attestation d’accueil. This is an Accommodation Certificate/Hospitality Certificate issued by the relevant French authorities in your host’s city of residence in France. Arranging for this document requires your host to submit the following:

                • Identification.
                • Proof of accommodation and that it fits French standards concerning space, safety, and hygiene.
                • Proof of financial resources to support you, such as payslips or a recent bank statement.

                Getting this document issued will cost 30 euros.

                You will not need a visa to visit France if you are a citizen of a nation that has a visa-free agreement with France and the EU. This applies to many residents in the UAE who are not citizens of the UAE.

                The biggest visa-free agreement for France is across the EU and the EEA. However, other countries are also in similar agreements with France, including the UK and the USA.