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Active Investor Plus Visa for NZ

Do you wish to invest in New Zealand and live there for an extended time? The Active Investor Plus Visa is right for you.

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    Overview of Active Investor Plus Visa for NZ

    The New Zealand Active Investor Plus Visa presents a unique opportunity for overseas investors to reside in NZ by investing in the economy and supporting New Zealand’s growth.

    One of the main benefits of the Active Investor Plus Visa is the ability to live in NZ for a long time, with the possibility to apply for permanent resident status after four years. Before you apply, you should settle down in NZ, positively impact the economy, and establish a long-term future there.

    With this visa, you can live, work, and invest anywhere in NZ. It is ideal for people looking for a lively, global lifestyle with access to a high-quality standard of living. If granted a visa, successful applicants can move to NZ with their spouse and children under 24. The application may include dependent family members.

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    Active Investor Plus Visa for NZ Requirements


    To be eligible for an Active Investor Plus Visa, applicants must meet the requirements outlined by New Zealand immigration authorities. These requirements include:

    • Invest a total of between NZ$5 million and NZ$15 million (investment fees vary depending on the weighting system)
    • The investment must be spread across three years and maintained for an additional fourth year
    • Spend a minimum of 117 days in New Zealand over the four-year conditional visa period
    • Demonstrate English proficiency equivalent to at least Level 5 of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

    Required Documents for NZ Active Investor Plus Visa

    To support your application for an Active Investor Plus Visa, you must provide the following:

    • Means of identification, such as a passport or national identity card, to confirm the applicant’s identity.
    • Documents demonstrating genuine intentions to invest in New Zealand, including details of the proposed investment plan and evidence of the source of funds.
    • Proof of English language proficiency
    • Medical report
    • Police clearance certificate from both your home country and any other country where you have visited for more than a year in the past ten years
    • Proof of investment funds and their legal acquisition ( bank statements, tax returns, audited financial statements, and proof of asset ownership)
    • Investment plan, including the amount to be invested, the types of investments considered, and the intended duration of the investment

    Meeting these eligibility requirements and providing the supporting documents will increase your chances of a successful application. Contact the immigration experts at Total Law to ensure you meet eligibility criteria and gather all required documents. Call 0333 305 9375 today.

    Acceptable Investments for Active Investor Plus Visa

    For an investment to be acceptable for the Active Investor Plus Visa, the funds must not be meant for personal use. The acceptable investments include:

    • Buying listed stocks entitles investors to a NZ$15 million investment threshold, with each dollar invested worth one
    • Donations made to charitable causes, where each dollar contributed counts towards the investment
    • Investing in managed funds
    • Direct investments into New Zealand businesses

    It is important to ensure the chosen investment remains acceptable for 48 months. The investment value, which includes any associated fees such as brokerage and management fees, is decided at the time of investment.

    The weighting system allows for different investment types to be accepted, with listed equities and philanthropy having a weighting of one, managed funds having a weighting of two, and direct investments having a weighting of three.

    You will need to provide information about the acceptable investments, such as the type, date and amount of the investment. You may also need to provide a confirmation letter from a solicitor, chartered accountant or investment broker validating the invested funds, as well as a confirmation letter from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (if it is a direct investment)

    Sponsorship Options for Active Investor Plus Visa

    The Active Investor Plus Visa can be obtained by self-funding. However, sponsorship from a New Zealand government department or organisation is an option. Sponsorship is only considered in extreme circumstances, where an applicant can provide a strong argument for why self-funding is not possible.

    Sponsorship reasons could include experiencing unexpected financial difficulties or being constrained by legal or private issues that prevent direct investing in New Zealand. If sponsorship is approved, the sponsoring organisation takes on certain responsibilities, such as giving the applicant a written promise of financial support.

    Additionally, the sponsor is responsible for reviewing the applicant’s compliance with the investment and visa requirements. It can be difficult to obtain sponsorship; thus, you should consult a skilled immigration attorney.. Call 0333 305 9375 for assistance.

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      Active Investor Plus Visa Application Process and Costs

      Obtaining the Active Investor Plus Visa involves a multi-step process with specific requirements and associated costs. The need steps to apply for the visa include:

      • Gather all required documents
      • Submit the application via the Immigration New Zealand website
      • Pay the application fee
      • Transfer the required investment amount to New Zealand
      • Provide proof from reputable sources confirming the investment has been made
      • undergo medical examinations and police checks for yourself and any accompanying dependents
      • Attend an interview if immigration authorities request to clarify any aspects of your application.

      Note that your investment fund can be sent directly from your bank account to New Zealand. You can also use a pension plan in your name, an investment portfolio account, or a third party operating on your behalf. You will have six months from that date to transfer the funds if your application is approved.

      Processing Times & Costs for Active Investor Plus Visa

      Immigration New Zealand typically decides within 11 months of an application being received. Processing timelines, however, may vary depending on factors like the complexity of the application and requests for more documents.

      The visa application fee is NZ$7,900 and must be paid online at the time of submission. Professional fees for immigration assistance, police and medical checks, and proving you have enough money for living expenses before and after you arrive in New Zealand are some of the variable costs you can expect.

      Ensuring that you submit your application with accurate information will reduce the likelihood of delays. Call 0333 305 9375  for immediate assistance.

      Conditions and Duration of Stay

      The visa allows for freedom of residency in New Zealand. However, prolonged absences over six months could require reapplying for a resident visa re-entry permission. Also, people who get residency are subject to New Zealand taxes on their income earned abroad.

      Holders of this visa type are free to work and establish businesses without requiring extra Work Visas. Public schools and universities in New Zealand are available to them and their dependents. In addition, you can access New Zealand’s public health system after fulfilling registration criteria. You will be unable to vote in New Zealand until granted citizenship.

      With the Active Investor Plus Visa, you can live and work indefinitely in New Zealand. However, the visa is only valid for four years, and to keep your resident status, you must renew it every four years or apply for permanent residence. You would become eligible to apply for New Zealand citizenship after staying in the country for that duration.

      Bringing Family with You on the Active Investor Plus Visa

      The Active Investor Plus Visa lets you include your family in your application. The eligible family members are your legally married spouse or civil partner and unmarried children under 24 who are financially dependent on you.

      Each dependent must provide proof of relationship, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate, and those who are 17 years of age and older must undergo needed background checks for both health and character.

      You must prove that you have enough money to sustain your dependents and yourself throughout the application process. This entails fulfilling New Zealand’s residency criteria, paying extra application fees, and providing all required documents for each dependent. Upon approval, they will be given permanent residency to enable them to study and work in NZ.

      How Total Law Can Help

      Total Law is here to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way.  Our skilled immigration attorneys can assist you and your dependents with the application process by explaining the complexities of New Zealand’s visa laws.

      You can be assured that your visa application will be processed professionally and swiftly when you work with us. Our immigration attorneys will make every effort to make sure your application satisfies all standards and deadlines, from gathering required documents to communicating with immigration authorities.

      Trust Total Law’s experience to lead you to a favourable outcome so that you and your family can travel to New Zealand with certainty. Call 0333 305 9375 or contact us online to book a consultation.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Yes, the Active Investor Plus Visa was introduced to replace the Investor 1 and Investor 2 visa categories in New Zealand which ceased to exist in 2022.

                No, you will not be granted permanent residency just by purchasing property in New Zealand.

                While New Zealand permanent residency is generally secure, it can be revoked for:

                • Fraudulent application
                • Serious criminal activity
                • Security concerns
                • Breaching visa conditions