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Germany is one of the most visited places in the world for health and medical tourism, with an estimated 250,000 people from 177 countries receiving medical treatment in the country every year. While citizens of lots of countries are able to travel to Germany for express medical purposes without permission, many will need to apply for and obtain a specific German medical visa.

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    Introduction to the Germany Medical Treatment Visa

    The Germany Medical Treatment visa is a class of immigration permission that allows its holders to enter Germany for the express purpose of seeking and usually receiving medical treatment. All treatment must be paid for through private healthcare provision, be that through health insurance or an individual financing such treatment themselves. There are no limits as to the type of medical service visa holders may access in Germany, providing it is legal in the country.

    For intended stays in Germany for medical treatment lasting less than three months, a Schengen Medical Visa may be granted. Those who hold nationality of any of the Schengen states may travel visa-free. 62 non-Schengen countries also offer visa-free travel to Germany, but anyone not resident in one of these will need to apply for this visa class.

    For intended stays in Germany for medical treatment lasting over three months, a National Medical Visa must be applied for – unless the applicant is resident of one of the following:

    • Any EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area) member state
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Honduras
    • Israel
    • Japan
    • New Zealand
    • South Korea
    • USA.
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    Overview of the benefits and advantages of obtaining a Germany Medical Visa

    Germany has one of the largest and most advanced healthcare systems in the world and so is a popular choice amongst health tourists looking for specific medical treatment. Home to over 2,000 hospitals and specialist clinics, all facilities both public and private are strictly regulated and supervised by the German government for hygiene, safety, quality and price. Furthermore, the high level of English speakers in the country makes for easy accessibility.

    Germany being a member state of the Schengen area also means that those with a valid visa to visit may also spend time in other member states visa-free – allowing them to travel between clinics and healthcare facilities in different countries.

    Who is Eligible for a Germany Medical Visa?

    Those travelling to Germany for medical treatment purposes will not be able to access the free healthcare system available for German citizens and so must pay for any treatment received. This means that the first prerequisite is that the applicant is able to afford the treatment for which they intend to travel.

    Those wishing to apply for a visa for medical treatment in Germany must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Be a citizen of a nation that does not allow visa-free travel into Germany
    • Have undergone the following process with their chosen healthcare provider:
      • Sent the healthcare provider their medical diagnosis from a doctor in their home country along with all relevant documents and records
      • The healthcare provider must have agreed to provide treatment
      • The healthcare provider must have provided a treatment plan and estimated cost for this plan
      • Both the applicant and the healthcare provider must have established the method of payment for the treatment cost
      • The healthcare provider must have issued the applicant with a letter of invitation to visit them for the treatment to take place.

    Whether a healthcare provider chooses to provide treatment is entirely at their discretion. Depending on the health condition in question, applicants may be able to approach more than one provider to find one relevant to their needs. There is no limit on the amount of healthcare providers applicants are allowed to approach, but in most instances only one letter of invitation will be required for the visa application itself.

    Required Documents for a Germany Medical Visa Application

    There are a number of supporting documentation requirements for the application of a Medical Visa for Germany. Each of the following should be submitted along with the application form:

    • Valid passport, expiring no sooner than three months after the intended departure from Germany
    • Two identical passport standard photos
    • Proof of accommodation booked in Germany. This is usually a hotel reservation
    • Proof of financial resources that demonstrate the individual can support themselves while in Germany without reliance on state benefits
    • A covering letter by the applicant detailing the itinerary for their travel and accommodation
    • Confirmation that specific medical treatment is needed from the applicant’s home country. This is usually a doctor’s certificate
    • A letter of invitation from the chosen healthcare provider in Germany, confirming they will carry out treatment and giving details of the first appointment in place
    • Proof of advance payment for the treatment, even if just a proportional deposit
    • Proof of valid health insurance.

    All documents should be presented as two A4 copies, with no staples.

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      Application Process for a Germany Medical Visa

      To apply for a visa to receive medical treatment in Germany, the applicant must follow a set application process. This is as follows:

      Complete online application form

      All application forms for Germany can be completed online through the German immigration authorities’ website. This is a smart form that will change its input requirements based on your entries and amend itself to accommodate whichever type of visa you are applying for. Completion of this form notifies the relevant teams of your intention to enter Germany for medical treatment.

      Compile required supporting documents

      All supporting documents must be collected ahead of time in order to avoid delays to the application process. This includes the agreement of the relevant medical facility to treat the applicant and an advance financial gesture made; be this a deposit paid or contract signed.

      Arrange visa interview appointment

      An interview appointment must be arranged at a local German Embassy or Consulate. On the day, the applicant must attend on time with all relevant supporting documentation to hand.

      Pay visa fee

      The visa fee will usually be paid at the visa interview. Once this amount has clear to the relevant German authorities, the processing period will begin.

      Receive visa decision

      In some cases applicants will receive a cleared visa sticker at the end of their visa interview, but in other instances it may be received later by post. The applicant must ensure their name is spelt correctly on the sticker and that they abide by the stipulated dates of entry and departure on the sticker, as well as the number of entries to the country granted.

      Once a visa sticker has been issued and the set date of entry reached, the visa holder may travel to Germany. They will be granted entry to Germany upon presentation of the visa to border authorities.

      Can I Extend My Medical Treatment Visa?

      If the medical treatment is unsuccessful or needs extending, the applicant can apply to extend the term of their visa. This is usually managed by the hospital or clinic offering the further treatment.

      Visa extensions are managed at the foreigners’ registration office most local to the hospital or clinic where the visa holder is receiving treatment. They will be expected to attend an interview there in person and present evidence from the hospital that an extended stay is required.

      Extended stays will only be agreed for those who need further treatment in order to improve a condition. No extensions will be granted for cosmetic treatments.

      If the visa holder is too unwell to attend an in-person appointment, they will need a legal representative to manage the extension application process for them. Call (+44)333 305 9375 to discuss your circumstances with the Total Law team and seek legal advice.

      German Medical Visa Application Fee

      Applicants for a German medical visa must pay a non-refundable amount of €60 to cover the administrative costs of processing, and €35 if the applicant receiving treatment is aged under 12.

      Until the payment of this fee has cleared no application will be processed. The amount is non-refundable and is entirely separate to the medical treatment costs.

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        German Medical Visa Processing Time

        There is no set time for medical visas to be processed within, as all cases are judged on an individual basis. German authorities state that applications should be made no sooner than three months before the intended date of treatment commencement and no later than two weeks before.

        In the case of medical emergencies, it is recommended applicants seek legal advice to try and expedite the process. Total Law’s team of specialist immigration lawyers can help. Call us on (+44)333 305 9375 to learn more.

        After You Arrive in Germany with a Medical Treatment Visa

        Once a visa holder arrives in Germany they must attend the local foreigners’ registration office to provide the address they’ll be staying at, even if this is a hospital or healthcare clinic. If the visa holder is too unwell to attend in person, a representative from the address may do it for them.

        If the visa holder is staying in Germany for a period of over three months for their medical treatment (and their visa is valid as such), they must also apply for a specific residence permit.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        Immigration law can be tricky, and with so much riding on the consequences of successfully receiving a medical visa, you want to be sure that you get it right first time. The Total Law team of immigration lawyers help applicants apply for and appeal visas, even in emergencies.

        Call the Total Law office today on (+44)333 305 9375 to talk through your visa needs. Whether you’re seeking urgent treatment, need help finding a relevant medical facility or would like advice on supporting documentation requirements, we can help. Let us make the application journey easier for you and avoid adding any additional stress onto what can already be a fraught time in your life.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Yes. Individuals of any age may be granted a medical visa provided it is genuinely required and a doctor agrees so. Minors must travel with their legal guardian, who must be present with them for the entirety of their stay in Germany.

                  On average, it takes two weeks for a decision to be reached on the granting of a German medical treatment visa.

                  No. A medical treatment visa is designed specifically for an individual to be present in Germany only for the set time of treatment and recovery, and so there is no recourse for them to work or study throughout their stay.

                  Visa interviews take place in a local Embassy of Germany or German Consulate. If your country does not have an Embassy or Consulate, seek out another German diplomatic mission local to you.

                  Medical treatment may be sought for any condition the applicant wishes to receive treatment for.

                  Yes. If a treatment requires medical intervention, a medical visa would be the most appropriate travel permission document.