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Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa for NZ

Living in New Zealand as a permanent resident is a dream for many people worldwide. The Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa for New Zealand is an excellent scheme that allows Global Impact Work Visa holders to achieve this dream by obtaining permanent residency for themselves and any dependents.

If you’re ready to take action to become a Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa holder, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Total Law for tailored advice. Our fantastic team can be contacted on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

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    Introduction to the Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa for New Zealand

    New Zealand’s Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa (GIV) is designed for individuals already living in New Zealand for over 30 months on a Global Impact Work Visa.

    Successful applicants can live, work and study in New Zealand permanently. They are entitled to social and medical benefits, unlimited travel in and out of New Zealand, and family member sponsorship (bringing dependents to the country).

    All applicants must understand the Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa before they pursue the application process. Contact an expert solicitor on +44 (0)333 305 9375 to gain valuable insight into this type of visa.

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    Requirements for the Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa New Zealand

    To be eligible for the Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa, candidates must have proof of being a Global Impact Work Visa holder for more than 30 months.

    The other Global Impact Visa requirements are:

    • Demonstrate good character
    • Possess a valid Global Impact Work Visa
    • Be in good health
    • Have Edmund Hillary Fellowship support (which all Global Impact Work Visa holders should have)
    • Have not been granted welfare assistance under the Social Security Act 1964 since their visa was granted

    The documents required for this application must be translated into English and original or certified copies. Translations must be carried out by one of the following:

    • Embassies or high commissions
    • Reputable people within the community
    • Private or official translation businesses
    • The Translation Service of the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs

    Applicants are asked to provide the following supporting documents:

    • Proof of identity
    • Edmund Hillary Fellowship documentation
    • Police certificate
    • Medical certificate
    • Photo identification (valid passport, certificate of identity or two passport-style photographs)

    How to Apply for the Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa New Zealand

    Candidates must fill out the Global Impact Permanent Residence Application form in full. You may wish to seek the advice of a trained immigration solicitor to explain any jargon and highlight specific areas you need to focus on.

    Part of the application process involves attaching the supporting documents and two identical passport-size colour photographs. These forms of identification must have the applicant’s name written on the back, and they cannot be more than six months old.

    The application fee must be paid at the time of applying. The total cost is NZD 4240, and this payment is non-refundable.

    Once the application has been completed in full, it must be sent to Immigration New Zealand. The two options for posting are:

    • PO Box

    Immigration New Zealand
    PO Box 76895
    Manukau City
    Auckland 2241
    New Zealand

    • DX Box

    Immigration NZ
    DX Box: EP71514
    20 Fairfax Avenue
    Auckland 1061
    New Zealand
    Immigration New Zealand will decide the applicant’s suitability for permanent residence in New Zealand.

    The majority of applications are processed within five weeks. However, it’s always advisable to leave time for potential delays due to missing documents, high volumes of applications or miscommunication. Total Law immigration lawyers can advise you on the best time to apply and provide up-to-date processing times.

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      Conditions and Duration of Stay

      Anyone with a Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa can stay in New Zealand permanently. There is no limit on the length of stay for this New Zealand Visa.

      In terms of conditions, the only factor that could affect a visa holder’s residence in New Zealand is an invalid passport. After obtaining this Permanent Residence Visa, it is vital to keep a valid passport. The visa must be transferred to the new passport when the passport expires.

      Are Dependents Allowed on the Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa New Zealand?

      Applicants can include their partner or children in their application as secondary applicants. Not all partners and children will be eligible, so candidates must ensure their dependents meet the criteria.

      Criteria for Dependent Children

      Any children of the applicant must be under 17 years old or between 18-24 years old if they are single with no children. They must also be completely or substantially financially dependent on the applicant or their partner.

      Candidates may include their partner’s children as dependents, provided that the candidate and their partner meet the minimum requirements for recognition of partnerships.
      The following documents must be provided as proof of eligibility:

      • Passport details
      • Proof of relationship to children (e.g., birth certificates or adoption certificates)
      • Medical record

      Criteria for Partners

      To include a partner in the Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa, applicants must prove they are in a genuine relationship that involves cohabitation of at least 12 months. They must also be at least 18 years old (or be able to provide parental consent if they are 16-17 years old) and have no biological relation to their partner.

      The evidence that must be provided for dependent partners is:

      • Proof of cohabitation (e.g., joint tenancy agreement or utility bills)
      • Evidence of a genuine relationship (e.g., photographs, shared parental obligations or joint liabilities)
      • Evidence relating to any periods of separate cohabitation in the relationship (e.g., proof of the reason for the separation and the length of separation)

      How Can Total Law Help?

      Our specialist New Zealand immigration team is ready to coach you through every stage of securing a Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa.

      As long as you meet the basic eligibility criteria (which we can check for you), there is no reason that you could not secure this visa in a matter of weeks.

      Call the Total Law team on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online for advice on this type of visa, or any other New Zealand Visa you may be interested in. We can point you in the right of the type of visa you need to live, work or study in New Zealand.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                You can stay out of New Zealand for any length of time without risking losing your permanent resident status.

                New Zealand Residence Visas grant periods of temporary residence in New Zealand, whereas Permanent Resident Visas do not have a time limit in terms of the length of stay.

                Yes, there are various pathways for New Zealand nationals to acquire permanent residency in Australia. The Total Law team can provide information on the range of visas offered by the Australian immigration service.