Investor Visa Extension

The Investor visa lasts 3 years and 4 months and can then be extended to stay in the UK for an additional 2 years, provided their eligibility criteria are met.

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    What is an Investor visa extension?

    When applicants who have been granted entry clearance to the UK via an investor visa and want to stay in the UK longer than the permitted 3 years and 4 months allowed by their initial visa grant, immigration law states they need to apply to stay longer before the visa expires.

    It is worth noting that the dates are precisely tracked per immigration rules, which means potential applicants should keep an eye on the passage of time to make sure that they apply before time runs out. or their visa expires.

    The “Investor start date” refers to the date the investor entered into the UK, which applicants for an extension should know and be able to prove.

    Depending on the personal circumstances, it may also refer to the date the original visa application or switch from a different visa category was made. The latter is an option for applicants that are unable to prove their date of entry.

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    Investor Visa Extension application Requirements

    For any investor visa granted Before 6th November 2014, the following are required to extend a stay for Visas granted between the above dates:

    • The applicant must at least have £1 million of their own money under their control in the UK
    • The applicant must meet the acceptable investment criteria by investing a minimum investment of at least £750,000 through government bonds in the UK, loan capital, or share capital by trading in active UK companies and UK businesses registered in the UK.
    • The applicant made the investment funds either:
      • within the first 3 months of their entry into the UK with supporting documents establishing your entry date into the UK.
      • Within 3 months since the date granting clearance or their leave to remain as an investor: or
      • No earlier than 1 year before the first date of the application that led to the initial grants of leave as an Investor visa holder. (The time limits are only exempted through an exceptionally compelling reason(s) delaying the investment.)
    • The applicant maintained their level of investment throughout the remaining period in their leave.

    The total amount includes a minimum investment of at least  £750,000 and a £250,000 balance bringing the total to at least £1 million. The funds can either belong to the applicant, be their partner’s money or a UK-regulated financial institution provided the applicant owns personal assets with a value of at least £2 million.

    If the applicant invested in UK Government bonds, they must submit their Investor Visa application earlier than 6th April 2023. If their qualifying investments are not UK Government bonds, they are free to make their extension application after 6th April 2023.

    Investor Visa Extension Requirements for Visas granted on and after 29th March 2019

    New, more extensive requirements were placed for all Investor visas granted on and after 29th March 2019. Applicants now have to meet the following requirements to qualify for their extension of stay:

    • The applicant must have invested at least £2 million within the UK through share capital, UK government bonds, or loan capital in active companies registered in the UK.
    • The applicant made the investment either
      • Within the first 3 months of their entry into the UK with evidence establishing your entry date into the UK.
      • Within 3 months since the date granting clearance or their leave to remain as an investor: or
      • No earlier than 1 year before the first date of the application that led to the initial grants of leave as an Investor. (The time limits are only exempted through an exceptionally compelling reason(s) delaying the investment.)
    • The applicant maintained their level of investment throughout the remaining period in their leave.

    Irrespective of the Visa application dates, the exact requirements to meet the eligibility criteria highly depend on your exact circumstances. Speak to an immigration lawyer to get expert advice on your circumstance.

    Application Timelines for an Investor Visa Extension

    The application can be made any time before the expiration of the leave. However, it’s recommended that applications are made not more than a month before the current leave expires.

    When you make your application earlier than a month to expiration, you risk a shortfall in your leave once you apply for settlement. This is primarily because the Home Office grants an extension of stay to an investor visa holder 2 years after the decision was made, and not based on the expiration date of your current leave. Eventually, the same will necessitate a further application for an extension of stay as an Investor before you become eligible for an indefinite leave.

    Ultimately, the advice from an immigration lawyer will help you ensure you have the correct timing of your investor Visa extension application.

    Processing Timelines for an Investment Visa

    Once an applicant has made their application for visa extension through the UK Visa & Immigration standard service, they can expect a decision within 8 weeks after their application date. If you opt to apply for an Investor visa extension through the priority service, then you can expect to receive the decision within 5 working days after your UKVCAS appointment.

    Once your decision letter has arrived, the biometric residence permit will follow through and arrive within 10 working days.

    An applicant may be contacted if their application is complicated and projected to take longer than usual. Some of the most common reasons for this include but are not limited to:

    • The applicant is required to attend an interview
    • Exonerating circumstances such as criminal conviction
    • The applicant’s supporting documents need to undergo verification

    You may continue living in the UK until the decision is made, provided you made your application before your visa expiry. However, if you did not make it on time, you may be required to leave the UK until a decision has been reached.

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      Documents for the Investor visa extension application

      You will be required to provide evidence of your balance of funds and portfolio of your investments certified by a financial institution regulated by the UK. The portfolio must show that you meet the stringent eligibility criteria.

      You will additionally require the following documents:

      • A well-completed and signed Investor application form
      • Documents that support your investment activity
      • An original and valid passport along with any other expired passport in your possession
      • An original and valid Biometric residence permit and,
      • Two passport photographs

      When Will I Be Eligible to Settle in the UK?

      If you invest the given minimum of £2 million, then after 5 years, you will be eligible to settle provided you remain in line with other UK immigration requirements. There are, however, other quicker ways to attain settlement through the investor visa:

      • By investing £5 million, you can meet settlement eligibility after just 3 years in the UK
      • If you invest £10 million, you can apply for a settlement after 2 years.

      These fast-tracked options are only available on an investor visa and no other Visa.

      You are required to make a payment for a healthcare surcharge in your application. You must additionally provide your fingerprints and a photo (biometric information) that will cost you £19.20.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Yes, any dependents on the current visa can all be included in your application for extension. This also includes children that turn 18 during your stay.

                No, Indefinite leave to remain application must be made within the UK. It is always worth finding out what your particular situation calls for.

                You will have to pay £1.623 for the visa extension, the healthcare surcharge with the £19.20 for biometric information. If you wish to speed the process up and skip the 8-week waiting period, then you can pay the extra £500 to get priority service that allows you a reply in 5 working days.

                Regardless of the type of visa you select, the best step is to contact the immigration lawyers and team at Total Law. Hence, you know that you are guaranteed the right path and stand for a much higher success rate in your immigration application.

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